Choosing age appropriate literature (Infant 0-12 months)

How to choose books that are age appropriate

amadeos book corner 2
Amadeo’s Book shelf stocked and ready to go for each age

In some book stores the sections are so beautifully organized and separated into suggested age categories, but for the stores that don’t clearly mark age appropriate books for your little ones, here are some tips for picking books that will help your child with their developmental milestones and keep them engaged.

(Birth – 6 months)

• Look for cloth or board books that your infant can safely explore and interact with. (basically, a book that your child can put into their mouths and grab or turn the pages easily on their own.)

• Choose books with little to no text, and high contrast pictures. Your infants vision is still developing so this will help grab their focus and attention.

• Choose books that will help entice and promote fine motor and cognitive interactions with your infant. Examples: books with mirrors, peekaboo flaps and textures they can feel to their touch.

• Choosing when to read to your baby is important at this age. Read to you baby right after they have woken from a nap and just been fed, they will be the most attentive and engaged at this time. This is the perfect time read, sing and play with your baby.


amadeos book corner


When reading to your infant it’s mostly about the bonding, one on one attention and having them hear different words and tones in your voice. There have been many world-wide studies that show even reading to your infant while your pregnant can be extremely beneficial for future language and cognitive developments.

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(7 – 12 months)

• When choosing books to read to your child between this age group all of the prior suggestions above still apply and are helpful guidelines.

• Choose books that have a lot of familiar words and objects that correspond to your infant’s world. Examples: books with “mommy” “daddy” “milk”. When you are reading these familiar words repetitively, your child will start making cognitive connections.

• When reading books out loud try to make it more of an interactive experience for your infant. Ask, “where is the dog?” help point out the dog, maybe make the sound the dog makes and get your infant to mimic that sound.

• Read the same books over and over again. I promise your infant won’t get tired or bored of them (I can’t on the other hand guarantee that you wont) instead it will help with your child’s memory help them learn the words that you are reading to them.

books older


“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
-Dr. Seuss


What are you favourite books that you read to your infant ? Comment above!

*Photos are taken by me from Amadeo’s Nursery

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