The “Just you wait and see” Series

The “Just you wait and see” series
Advice from an Educator

I’m going to make this an ongoing series because after the moment I announced I was pregnant, and I believe this probably never stops sadly, I kept hearing the same “Just you wait and see” followed by a negative or judgemental statement from someone who thought they were giving advice or they were just relieving in their minds how it was with their children at that stage.

My tribe of supportive women

I get it until you are in that moment or stage with your child you truly won’t know what it will be like, however there are a couple different factors that can change an outcome as well. We are all different in how we react, discipline, our patience thresholds, support systems, careers, education, and so many factors in everyone’s lives will not be the same. Children will all be different as well, ( even siblings) we are all individuals.
Usually this statement would be after someone had asked me a question about what I’m planning on doing in the future with my children about a certain subject only to just turn around and tear it down and belittle my intentions.

My Amazing co-workers at Glebe Parents Daycare

If you’ve read my “about me” post, I share about how my wish for this blog is to be able to have supportive conversations with other women and mothers, helping each other cope and give each other advice about motherhood. Not falling down this mom shaming path that makes us all feel as if we are failing or going to fail as mothers.

Friends and co-workers

I think we all consciously need to re think our statements after a mother shares her future plans and intentions for her family. Whether it be her children’s schedule, diet, education, routines, religious beliefs, anything that is shared we should change this natural reaction from saying “Just you wait and see” to something more positive like “That’s a great intention, Id love to hear some stragies your thinking, I had a difficult time with my children.” It would change the whole mood of the conversation and still make the mother feel valued! Who the fuck knows maybe she wont “Just have to wait and see” and what she does with her individual children may just work. If we change the conversations objective to asking their strategies and advice we may learn something that we can try implementing with our children that may work for us as well.

Friends and fellow supportive mamas

I will be sharing the different questions I’ve been asked with the following statement being made and different strategies I use with my children at work and with tips from my education background that can translate into you being able to apply it successfully to your #realmomlife.

Parenting is hard work and you will constantly be second guessing yourself, changing your strategies or intentions and the last thing you need is to hear a statement that basically implies, why would you even try your naturally going to fail at that attempt. Let’s raise each other up instead of unintentionally tearing each other down.

They’ve got my back!


Share Above in the comments on your favourite/ worst just you wait and see moments!

2 Replies to “The “Just you wait and see” Series”

  1. This is an incredible blog Vanessa 👌
    Good job my friend very proud of you!!!
    Wish I had this during my time …
    Love , love , love all your pictures 😍
    Especially the one of us 😉
    You made me wanna contact your photographer and book something for the winter … Sofia just turned 13 , time flies and soon they won’t be around as much to capture beautiful moments 😪
    Xoxo keep up the awesome posts


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