Who in the actual Fuck named it “Morning Sickness”

Who in the actual Fuck named it “Morning Sickness”

Reader disclaimer, this post doesn’t have any tips or tricks that worked for me in relation to getting any sort of relief from my “Morning Sickness”. This post isn’t for the faint of heart but instead for other women who will or are going through the same experience I did and just want to hear that they aren’t alone! Lets all feel okay to say that was fuckin horrible and I understand together.

4 fuckin months! I am one of the lucky ones, I’ve connected with women who experienced horrible sickness throughout their entire pregnancies (shoot me now) The medical term for this is “Hyperemesis gravidarum” sounds like a super cool harry potter spell but don’t let that fool you, symptoms feel like the rathe of he whom we don’t speak of himself.

Some of these symptoms include:

• Nausea or vomiting that persists throughout the day, making it impossible to eat or drink
• Vomiting that will occur more then three to four times a day and enabling you to keep down food or drink
• Weight loss (not ideal in pregnancy)
• Fainting or dizziness
• Reoccurring headaches or migraines
• Extreme fatigue

I had all of these symptoms reoccurring and disrupting my day to day quality of life for four long grueling months. (throughout most of my pregnancy I do refer to my child as my body baby terrorist)
I found out that I was pregnant with our child a couple hours before one of my best friends Christmas party. There truly are moments in your life that will always be imbedded in your mind, heart and soul and this was defiantly one of them for me.
* I would have to keep going back to that wonderful, magical, happy moment constantly throughout the time that I was pregnant and tell myself this is all worth it.
After finding out I was pregnant I call this week, my one week of pregnancy bliss because after that week came and went these “Hyperemesis gravidarum” symptoms came on like a raging bull in a china shop.

My whole life one of my biggest fears always had to be vomiting. I’ll never forget when I was younger I was so scared and dead set on not throwing up during a horrible flu that I decided hey if I just keep my mouth closed vomit won’t be able to come out. Spoiler alert if you’ve never tried this, man does it ever still come out but not before shooting out your nose first! So, this was the pregnancy symptom I was hoping and praying I would be able to avoid at all costs.

My days and nights all consisted of spending most of my time on and off of the toilet, not being able to eat or smell certain smells, and over all feeling like a bag of dicks. From the moment I would wake up at 5:30 am till whenever I went to bed I was vomiting almost every couple of hours, it brings you to the brink of shear exhaustion. Imagine having food positing or a stomach flu but it not going away for MONTHS, and it’s the no relief that mental drains you beyond belief.

I was constantly reading and trying to find every article on google, every tip and trick from Pinterest, advice from mom blogs, going and seeing my doctor, trying all the medications, honestly everything and anything to get some sort of relief, but nothing worked.

 So often as women we are expected to just keep things to ourselves and deal with them. I was told by many people during this stage of my pregnancy to just suck it up, it was normal and it will be done and over before I knew it. I think this is why I felt so inclined to talk so candidly about this and share my experience because I was constantly having other people try to down play my symptoms and say its just a normal part of pregnancy. (this was always coming from someone who hadn’t experienced it) Well let me tell you mother fuckers, when you are throwing up bile for four months straight, then come and talk to me, I guarantee your tune will change. Ladies that went through this I gotchu and would also encourage you to tell those people to fuck off.

I truly am very envious but always happy for those women who do have wonderful pregnancies and wish to do it a million times over. (please dm me if you fit this description, I will probably be looking into surrogacy for my next child) but for those women who have it hard and also have little body baby terrorist in them know that you truly are strong as a mother fucker and you fuckin rock!

” Why no, I have not tried crackers, ginger, small meals, or sipping water. I enjoy morning sickness so much, I thought I would just embrace the whole experience” – meme from pintrest

p.s men if you’re reading this post and this at all relates to your partners pregnancy you better start saving for an AMAZING push present! I’m hoping my will be a wonderful all-inclusive vacation without child, somewhere with bottomless margaritas!

Comment Above to share if any tips or tricks worked for you or just comment on your experience and share your stories about this so called morning sickness! I’d love to hear from you and start a conversation!

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