Inside My Diaper Bag

My diaper bag essentials

Early on in my pregnancy I couldn’t help but fantasize about all the cute baby things I wanted to purchase. If you ask my husband I don’t have the greatest sense of money management, idealistic views about how much things cost, or how to differentiate between needs and wants very well but soon I started to realize how much these teeny tiny humans actually cost!

I started this post out this way because I need to take a minute to recognizes the beautiful Kate Spade bow diaper bag I originally dreamed of that was almost $400 dollars and just acknowledge the beauty, craftsmanship and shear class it would have brought to my now current (literal) shit stained life.

(moment of silence)

(moment pasted)

(still sad about this)

(coming to the realization of how I will never have nice things again)
(okay I’m good, lets move on)

So, I went on to search the world wide web to find something practical, reasonable in price yet still stylish. A huge assortment the baby items we own are from the brand SKIP HOP. (this is not an affiliate post) The quality of there items, functionality, reasonable prices, and adorable modern designs just win me over every time.
I choose the Skip Hop duo special edition bag. Bonus points for me I found it at Marshalls for only $49.99.

*Mom tip: Always shop Winners, Home sense or Marshalls first for baby or kids items, they always have awesome brand name products and almost half the price!

What’s inside my Skip Hop Duo diaper bag:

diaper bag

Diapers (of course!): When Amadeo was a new born I was using Pampers Pure, however once he moved up to size one diapers about 2 weeks after he was born they no longer fit his wide belly build. We now use Pampers Swaddlers, and I absolutely LOVE them! They haven’t leaked once, they show when he has peed so we can check without getting him completely undressed, they smell fantastic and are affordable.

Wipes: Pampers Pure is the only way to go in my opinion with wipes. They are 99% water and cotton enhanced, they honestly are so moist (love that word, not!) and work fantastic for even the colossal of shits! I’ve tried other brands like Pampers Sensitive and Huggies but I find they don’t clean up messes as good as Pampers Pure wipes do.

Bottles and Formula: I put pre-measured formula in bottles if we are going to someone’s home and ready-made formula bottles if we are going to be doing errands or to a restaurant, its easier and I know 100% its sterile. We use the Avent anti colic bottles and Enfamil ready made formula bottles.

Poop Bags: I just use the poop bags I buy for my dog. These are perfect for putting diapers in or dirty clothing so it doesn’t contaminate everything else in my diaper bag.

Diaper Cream: Our favourite diaper cream is by baby bamboo, it’s in a nice compact squeezable tube which is perfect for the diaper bag and travel. The cream is really smooth to put on and smells great.

Body Cream: We have the unscented Honest Company cream in our diaper bag, mostly for mommy and daddy for on the go but if we need to use it on Amadeo ( I find he gets super dry on his face ) there are no harmful ingredients and soft on his skin.

Nipple Cream: I use the Madela nipple cream! In the first few weeks of trying to breast feed and constantly pumping this was my best friend for my cracked bloody nipples. Women need to talk more about nipple care because your breast will literally feel like they are going to war during the first few weeks and we need to share how to combat to win that said nipple war!

Phone Charger: I also need to carry a charger with me, I find my battery goes very quickly (thanks apple!) but its very important for me to have a means of communication or to call for help in case there’s an emergency with Amadeo.

Burp Cloths: I always have a couple muslin burp cloths in my diaper bag, they are so multi purpose and come in handy when feeding.

Receiving Blankets: I put a couple receiving blankets in my diaper bag to put down if I’m going to lay Amadeo down to change him or play in public or at someone’s home.

Muslin Blankets: I used to just have one blanket on Amadeo for when he’s in the car seat but I’ve forgotten that one at someone’s home and then gone to the grocery store with air conditioning with nothing to cover him with for warmth or to cover the car seat from the stores light, so its always better for me to have back up inside his diaper bag.

Clothing: I have a couple different outfits including socks and hats in the diaper bag for Amadeo, we have had a couple up the back-poop blow outs in public and everything including socks becomes a right off, so its beneficial to have extras on you.

Once Amadeo is no longer a new born the contents in the diaper bag will grow and change. I put together a First Aid Emergency kit dependent on his age and needs. As for right now he’s to young for any medication but I have his health card on my person at all times.

I know its a lot to think about and constantly making sure you have everything you need is exhausting especially for our mommy brains but I try my hardest to replenish what I’ve used right when I get home if I can so I don’t forget and then missing something I need the next time we have an outing.

I’d love to hear what your diaper bag essentials are and which diaper bags you chose and why!

3 Replies to “Inside My Diaper Bag”

  1. Have you anything addressing the changes in weather as a safety precaution as winter approaches. Say I was commuting on a bus to an appointment and it started to rain or got drafty at a transfer bus shelter. I would want something to layer with for baby I wonder if MEC has a baby section?

    Also of the products mentioned how “green” are they are there alternatives that speak to the concerns of the environmentalist parent?

    Loved the article V it is so valuable especially when I was a single parent this would have been super helpful I hope some men chime in on this blog.


    1. Yea for sure I will do a seasonal post for reference ❤️ for this post it’s just what I carry in mine and I’m not commuting that way , house to car , car to store etc 😃 I will only review and speak to products that I use myself ❤️


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