5 Postpartum Care Musts For Mom

5 Postpartum Care Musts for Mom

Okay in all seriousness society doesn’t put enough emphasis on women’s postpartum care. I mean in every way our bodies are a being put through hell during and after pregnancy so in my opinion this needs to change!

What our baby body terrorists put us through during pregnancy;

  • Hormonal changes ( Big ones, that make us nauseas, swell up like Violet Borigard, fluid retention, memory and vision changes, sweats, and so much more…)
  • Weight gain, regardless of the number that we see start increasing on the scale,  your body is GROWING and STRETCHING, like a lot, for 9 long ass months!
  • Sensory changes, vision, taste and smells can all change and become affected.
  • Breast and Cervical changes, breasts grow in size and become more sensitive ( I went from a size 38 DD to a 40 H!)
  • Changes in hair, skin and nails.
  • Stretch Marks (hello warrior scars, I got those in the last week of pregnancy, and I haven’t exactly embraced them yet)
  • Mole, Freckles and skin tags. ( I ripped a small skin tag off my nipple in the shower, do not do that, I repeat do, not rip a skin tag off your nipple, there will be blood!)
  • Rashes, Boils, HEMORRHOIDS ( I had internal hemorrhoids rupture during pregnancy that hurt as much as when I was in labour or worse even!)
  • Circulatory system changes, shortness of breath, feeling dizzy, changes in blood pressure.
  • Changes in body temperature, so fuckin hot or so fuckin cold, there is NO in-between.
  • Dehydration.
  • Circulation issues, I had Vulva Varicosities and was on bed rest from 24 weeks. I know you will probably google that, if you want to save some time it literally is painful varicose veins on your vulva!
  • Gestational Diabetes .
  • And the list goes on and on…..

What our baby body terrorists leave us with when they’ve finally surrendered our bodies back to us

Vaginal Birth(which I had) and Caesarean:

  • Birth Pains, I have endometrioses and these cramps were much worse, its literally your uterus shrinking back to its normal size, its happens very quickly considering it spent a whole 9 months stretching!
  • Blood clots.
  • Breast engorgement or blockages (mastitis)
  • Cracked and bloody nipples.
  • Swelling.
  • Hemorrhoids and severe constipation.
  • Urinary problems.
  • NIGHT SWEATS ( you literally wake up in a pool of water drenched, I recommended sleeping on a towel or better yet a SHAMWOW!)
  • Fatigued ( well that’s an understatement especially depending on post, during and after delivery everyone is different)
  • and again the list goes on and on…..

As you grow closer to your due date, people will suggest things for you to do after you give birth and in your eight ish almost nine month state of mind you will say to yourself, “ya, ya okay I will” well I’m telling you here and now that, YA, YA OKAY YOU NEED TO!

There is so much emphasis put on the baby, I mean yes there does need to be, this little girl or guy is going to need to do ALOT of firsts in those 24 to 48 hours that are crucial for survival I get it, but there needs to ALSO be wayyyyyyy more emphasis on taking care of mom, mind and body, as well as educating on what needs to be done self care wise when they go home. I don’t know if it was just me, but probably the first thirty minutes that I was at home I WANTED TO GO BACK to the hospital and get another epidural for recovery! As a mother we will now and as long as we are living, just automatically be putting everyone else’s needs before our own but during the first couple weeks after birth we need to be selfish, I started almost hemorrhaging because I wasn’t, it can be very serious if you aren’t taking care of yourself!


In my opinion, these are the 5 most important tips you should be following and practicing postpartum….

*Warning in advance, some of these will be really hard to do because you don’t want to upset or offend anyone, I mean a new baby that’s born is so exciting for not just you but for everyone around in your life, so on that note that I say may the force be with you…..


This will be one of the hardest ones to put into action. My husband and I are both from big Italian families and have an amazingly huge support system. In the first 48 hours of Amadeo being born, in the hospital and when we first got home we had ALOT of visitors. That wasn’t the only issue, it was that we had visitors till REALLY late at night. Butttttt my body started getting really pissed off that I wasn’t resting and trying to heal, so I started loosing baseball size blood clots, like a lot of them, and from that point on my OB’s orders were NO MORE VISITORS until I was fully healed. You and your partner have just brought home a whole new teeny tiny human that you need to learn how to keep alive, give yourself time for your body and for all of the emotion of coming home to settle in before you open the flood gates.

2. Sleep when the baby Sleeps

Every person you see before you give birth will tell you that you need to sleep when the baby sleeps, but my god do you ever need to do it and here’s where I’m favour of woman in this scenario who either just pushed a baby out of her vagina or had one literally cut out of her, WE NEED MORE SLEEP THEN YOU DO DADS! Can I say it again for the people in the back! Yes your husbands should and will need sleep and rest, its been a lot for them physically and mentally as well, but no where near what you and your body are going through and have been through. Let’s just be real they don’t need to recover physically from birth unless you broke their hands from squeezing so hard! So dads take a shot of espresso, drink an energy drink, take a cold shower, do something, anything to just get some extra energy, this will be the first time you need to be stepping up as a dad and supporting your partner so she can physically heal from birth. You will see mamas, you will already be using so much energy that you wont have in the first place to even just learn how to feed your child if you try breastfeeding and pumping so SLEEP as much as possible!

3. Self care

So its actually all fun and games until this child exits your body and makes its appearance, because they will leave your body bloody and broken, girlfriend you need to help it heal. I have spoken to some women who are just good to go from either vaginal or C-section but I can tell you that’s not the norm. I wish that upon all of you but lets just prepare ourselves for the higher chance that you will have a painful wound to heal.

Here’s the essentials for postpartum self-care;

  • You need to shower every single day! Keeping your stitches clean and bacteria away is very important, plus it will have you feeling mentally and physically refreshed, if only for a couple moments.
  • Take your pain medication! I wasn’t keeping proper track of this and when you wait to long it’s AWFUL ! We set a timer and I took Tylenol and Advil at the same time to help eliminate the chance of forgetting to take one.
  • Eat and stay hydrated. This is a BIG ONE especially if your breastfeeding or pumping. If you’re not eating or drinking enough fluids it will affect your milk supply and mood!

4. Take time to bond with your baby

After you give birth its like an emotional and hormonal hurricane that will hit you really fucking hard! Everything is new, your exhausted, you don’t have a lot of patience, you can experience a lot of overwhelming feelings of happiness and sadness within seconds of each other. All of that is a normal part of postpartum, and a lot of time we forget or are unaware that one of the most important aspects to help regulate your babies circulatory system as well as our own is just by bonding. Having PTSD I spent a lot of time in therapy working on how different factors after you’ve given birth can effect how you bond with your child. I found those new born cuddles and skin to skin were like a drug in the first couple of weeks. I would feel like I had nothing left inside of me and then literally get a whiff of Amadeo’s sent and it would all go away and everything felt right in the world again. It’s unexplainable really. Just remember to step back from all the craziness that your learning for the first time like , changing diapers, feeding etc and just enjoy some of these first moments and take that time to soak it in and embrace it.

5. Have your partner off with you for AT LEAST two weeks

I say partner because my husband is the only person that I am truly myself with. I don’t bottle things up to protect his feelings or tip toe around things because we know each other under all circumstances especially how we work under stress. I’m my authentic raw self with him and when there is soooooo much physical pain and emotional craziness going on you need to be around someone who will not fault you for being just whatever you need to be in that moment. The Canadian government is finally recognizing how important having both parents home during the first 6 weeks postpartum is, that come June 2019 a 6 weeks additional paid parental leave will be granted for the other parent not on maternity or paternity leave. This time is so important for your relationship, to learn how to take care of this little human that’s come into the life you’ve built together. I know in those first two weeks of having my husband home with Amadeo I saw so much strength and love from within him that was so different and I hadn’t experienced before in our 9 years together. You will become such a strong unit and team, after supporting each other, so soak up every minute of it, the good, bad and ugly.


I have reviewed a product that http://www.basicbabyco.com carries that take care of all the postpartum care needs! I would have LOVED to get this as a present after I gave birth and will be gifting these in the future for my soon to be mama friends!

IMG_3265 (1)

birth baby
From: $102.00
The postpartum package: it may not be pretty, but it sure is practical! This bundle is all about supporting postpartum recovery for those parents that will be giving birth to their baby. While it is easy to get caught up in preparing everything for baby, don’t forget about you! Vaginal bleeding, hemorrhoids, tearing and stitches, having a baby can takes it toll on your lady bits! So, we’ve done the research, canvassed Moms who have given birth, and have created a complete and useful package to support your healthy postpartum recovery.

  • I reached out to the company and they are offering a 10% discount to my followers. Discount code: MYLITTLELAMB
  • this is not an affiliated product

” I had no idea it would be this much. I had no idea that I could handle it. I had no idea how beautiful and worth it all actually is.”- unknown

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