Sleep Training with Support


Mama’s please don’t hate me but I had a very easy newborn when it came to sleep, well easy in my mind. The picture looked a lot like me being glued to my couch because he would nap in my arms and I would have to hold in my pee for hours. But honestly I loved most of all of those moments with my little one. We got to snuggle, it helped a lot with my stress and anxiety and also made me just rest and relax instead of constantly trying to get something done. He also only had one wake up per night to feed. So if I were to go back a couple months the truth is I wouldn’t change a thing.

Then our son grew, like really big and long, overnight. He no longer fit in his bassinet and we were starting to wrap our heads around the fact that we would very soon need to transition him into his crib. My husband and I were trying to plan on making this transition when he was finished his construction season and we were both at home to be able to support each other.

THEN.LIFE.HAPPENS. I say it like this because I’ve been slowly figuring out that you cant meticulously plan much in motherhood. We had three nights in a row of our son waking up every hour on the hour and it would take us FOREVER to settle him. Gone was the one night wake up ( again sorry moms) since three weeks old, our soon to be four month old who started teething, decided he was going to change his sleep schedule on us before daddy was done work.

After posting about these nights on my Instagram stories I had like ALOT of moms message me saying they still wake up at least three times a night and their kids were 1-3 years old. UMMMMM NOPE. That can’t be my life, for my mental health I NEED to be able to sleep more then that, I cant have this be my new reality for the next three plus years or I will end up in a really dark place. Soooo that being said my husband and I better figure something the fuck out and FAST!

Back it up to when my son was 2 months old, I had originally gotten in contact with Antea through our social medias and then met in person at her organized mommy meet ups. I felt an instant connection and unconditional care and support from her. The advice and conversations we would be having at our mommy meet ups just showed me how much she cares for other women and mothers and truly her purpose in life is to help support us through this beautiful journey, and being a mother of two beautiful boys and a registered nurse her advice was always from a place of love and expertise.

Now fast forward to a couple weeks ago when these three sleepless nights happened, I immediately contacted Antea to talk about sleep training and if she could help.

One of the ways that I’ve enjoyed parenting so far is to try to be as flexible as possible in my schedule and truly just do what I want when I want to. I need groceries and want to go to the mall for a couple of hours, no problem, my husband and I are invited to a party and it might go until 1 am, well we might be a bit tired or hung over but our sons got this,and now I’m realizing that with a newborn its actually much easier to be that way. When your baby starts to get older and is learning new skills that take ALOT of energy, they are going to start sleeping less and be awake for longer periods, and in the beginning its really hard on them. Their little bodies and minds are moving a million miles a minute and without us properly supporting that growth with proper sleep habits and a schedule, we basically unintentionally make a non sleep monster.

If this sounds like your life or if you just have a child that WILL NOT SLEEP WELL , my god you NEED to do research on sleep training.

At first the idea was really hard for me to grasp because I knew that it would take away from my “flexibility” but Antea reassured me that yes, we would need to be CONSISTENT for a while and it would be hard work but with team work being on the same page and completely following her customized sleep plan, eventually when our child had those sleep skills down pact we could live a more flexible life again and do things here and there when we wanted because the next day he could bounce back faster with his skills in tow.

The MAIN reason on why I want to share all this personal mumbo jumbo about my experience with Antea is, yes because I have received a lot of questions so it will be a great place for you to hear about my experience, but I wanted to share what I think is special about working with her in particular and why I believe we were so successful so quickly in sleep training our 4 month old.

I’m an early childhood educator and I truly believe like my profession has taught me  that every child is unique and so is every family situation. Our son has had four months of us uniquely teaching him different bad sleep habits then you and your child, And to be very honest the hardest part about sleep trainer is trying to break all of our (the parents) bad sleep habits because some of them you will want to keep. For example in my perfect mom universe I would have my son sleep alllllll night in this crib till 7 am then I bring him into bed with me and we can cuddle and sleep for a couple more hours till 9. Then we can sometimes sleep some naps in the crib when its coinvent for me and I need to get stuff done and want my arms, but sometimes in my arms for a cuddle or sometimes in his stroller for a shopping outing, but here’s the thing, every action has a reaction with children and I know this. Maybe because I work in childcare I can very clearly understand this, but I know my perfect sleep schedule isn’t at ALL realistic for this age or really any age past the new born stage. Babies and Children thrive in an environment with consistency because it makes them feel safe and secure.

Once I had a really good cry about giving up my bed and couch nap and morning snuggles I was all in baby.

Antea sent us his ideal sleep schedule with times that she knew he would eventually hit and with a schedule of a night time sleep that looks like 7pm-7am and naps to fit his age.

This is what I can only try to convey to you guys properly, but when you start sleep training, timing changes, naps are weird, you will have a cranky child that is learning some hard shit, but the tweaking and constant comfort and reassurance that Antea gave us, truly gave us the confidence to completely stick with it and keep going , teach our son these sleep skills and give him the grace and patience he needed to do so and by the end of the first week he completely matched 7pm-7am and was hitting his nap and awake time targets.

I know every child is different but honestly Antea is my SLEEP ANGEL sent from the SLEEP HEAVENS to save us and teach my son what I am not trained to teach him or to fully understand.

I HGHLY recommend if the sleep is an issue in your home to contact her and just see what can be done, because with some hard work, dedication and consistency you will see how amazing your child truly is.

I’m now able to put my son in his crib awake every single time and he self soothes and is asleep on average within minutes. If he does ever wake up he usually self soothes and again falls back to sleep within minutes as well. He takes proper naps and is in the BEST mood ever when awake. He is truly thriving and I’m incredibly proud of him and us as parents because we were able to, with Antea’s help, give that all to him.

Parenting is HARD.AS.FUCK. and its ten million times harder with parents and a child/children who aren’t  getting the proper sleep needed each day.

Check out Antea’s Mama Coach website on all the details about sleep training as well as give re blog posts a read.

This is some information about sleep services on the Mama Coach website…..

More than Sleep
It is never as simple as “do this and they’ll sleep”.
There are so many factors that need to be accounted for, which is why as Registered Nurses we do a full assessment on your child included in each sleep package.
We look extensively at feeding, development, weight gain, and your child’s circadian rhythm to determine the best way to find sleep.
If there is an underlying feeding issue, finding sleep will be a challenge. Lots of tears and feeding may be compromised. We look at the entire picture and if there is something that needs to be addressed prior to working on sleep, we will help you or find you the health professional to address it, then work on sleep together.
This is a vital step for all families looking for sleep because sleep comes easily when we ensure your child is ready for it.
We understand there are a lot of choices out there for finding sleep for your little one, but we promise we bring so much more than sleep. We bring quality care and support from a Registered Nurse that will help you meet your goals.

In-Home Sleep Services

Newborn Package
Birth to 3 Months
You’re looking for answers on why she is so gassy, why she is spitting up or why each feed is taking over an hour? You put her down and she only sleeps twenty minutes, then you start all over again?

More than Sleep
3 Months to 18 Months
You tell us your expectations, and we will use our extensive knowledge on sleep science, feeding expertise, and Registered Nurse assessment skills to ensure you meet your goals. We make sure your child is ready for sleep prior to starting which is key- any underlying feeding or medical concerns will be addressed first to help make finding sleep so much easier.

More than Sleep
18 Months to 3 years
We are all mamas, and we get it. As Registered Nurses we understand the cognitive and physical development of a toddler and how that impacts sleep. Maybe sleep was going well and now it isn’t or maybe it never has. We can help. We use the science of sleep and the deep understanding on the development of toddlers to help you find sleep for your little one.

More than Sleep
4 Years and Older
If you are struggling with your older child, we understand. Our philosophy on sleep for older children, is that we need to work with them, not on them. They have a voice and deserve to be included. We will empower them to start sleeping independently and develop a positive outlook on sleep.

Which Sleep Method do we Use?
This is a big question.
The answer is… we don’t have just one.
One particular method doesn’t work for all children.
We complete a nursing assessment on each child we work with, as well as a feeding assessment to ensure the least amount of stress for the entire family.
We don’t believe infants should be forced to sleep through the night. This causes too many tears for moms and babes!
Instead we do a feeding assessment on every child, and teaching around the timing and feeds themselves… and you will see amazing outcomes.
A baby that can fall asleep independently and will sleep long stretches, and through the night when they are ready, all while feeding on demand. Naps will fall into place and you will find yourself enjoying parenting.
We are using our years of training as Registered Nurses to bring so much more than sleep.

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