Amadeo’s Baptism

Amadeo’s Baptism


Photos by the amazing Sarah Rowland from Creations Behind the Lens Photography

There are two reasons that I wanted to post and share with you pictures of my sons Baptism, first is that I love any and all moments that Sarah captures for my family, they are beautiful and stunning and her work must be shared, and second because I wanted to talk about parental choices.

I’m a classic overthinker, I always have been, and the moment that I found out that I was pregnant this overthinker in me somehow doubled in size, and once I gave birth to my son its grew times a million.

I find myself in any and all moments that I have to myself overthinking EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. From the mundane to the really important things, it really doesn’t matter, I’m defiantly dedicating a lot of extra brain power, that I don’t have at the moment ( thanks mommy brain ) to thinking about or researching about any and all things. The decision to Baptize our son was no different.

If you are VERY religious and don’t enjoy reading other peoples views on religion that may not 100% match your views I suggest you bow out on reading this post or just skip ahead and look at the beautiful pictures of my son getting Baptized.

I was Baptized, had my first Holy Communion, and my Reconciliation,so has my husband. We are Catholic but in no way are we practicing Catholics. We go to church to see people get married, unfortunately to give our condolences at funerals and some years go to Christmas Eve midnight mass. I would not describe my husband as a man of “faith” but he goes through the motions and is 100% a man of tradition. In our culture these religious rights of passage are tradition.

I describe myself as a Catholic Atheist, because I am Catholic, I have received all the sacraments, however until the Catholic Church changes a lot of their views and opinions pertaining to pro choice, LGBTQ rights, medicating for mental illness, and the list goes on, I really have no desire to take any part in practicing this religion.

So here’s my personal parenting dilemma and my over thinking starts. On one hand I have very strong views on the Catholic Church and their teachings and I don’t want my child exposed to any sort of hatred towards anyone. Before you say theirs no hatred well in the last two years I’ve had two priests and deacons tell me to stop taking anti depressants that its not right and I should just pray, not to take birth control for my endometriosis pain, hey men how about you stfu about women’s reproductive organs if you don’t have them you have no business giving us your opinion on them, and I’ve had to listen to huge rants about abortion. But I’m not parenting my child on my own, my husband does count and he wants our son to be baptized for tradition.

I know how I want to raise my son, I want him to be a kind human being, to actually live life like the golden rule and most of the ten commandments but I want it to be applied to all people. I want him to be open minded and know that everyone deserves kindness, respect and love.

When we were doing our interview so to speak with the priest that would be baptizing my son he asked us why we were choosing to baptize him and what I said to him is in the end the true reason why we chose to baptize Amadeo. I want to give my child every opportunity available to him in this world. I don’t want to close doors for him because of my beliefs, he may grow up wanting to find solitude and comfort in this religion. I know that I will be doing my idea of parental due diligence of exposing my son to all different cultures and religions in this world but I had to take a step back and just know that this wont hurt or damage him.

My son is at his purest time in his life, without any sin or wrong doing to anyone in this world, to me that is something that I can get behind celebrating with family and loved ones and I know that as a women it will be my responsibility as his mother to help guide him through his life to be the best human he can be moving forward.

Why I’m writing this, is because I always believe in being transparent and honest in my life and I promised myself to carry that into my blogging world for you all to read. This is the truth, that in life and our parenting life there will be choices that we make for our children before they start making their own and as a team with their other parent you have to way the pros and cons. I weighed my pros and cons about getting my son baptized and in the end it wasn’t a pros and cons decision, it was the fact that I truly felt like it wasn’t something I needed to really fight for. I will be saving that for future, for things that I feel very passionate about or that I feel like would hinder my son in different ways, this isn’t one of them.

So on that note, I’m truly sorry if I offended anyone, but its just me being me and me being honest my intent isn’t to hurt anyone.

I feel like I share this at any opportunity and I cant even help it but if you want all of your families moments beautifully captured by a wonderful, warm hearted, talented mama photographer, Sarah Rowland is your gal! Thanks for the beautiful Memories!

In our tradition its customary for the God Parents to come and dress the God Child in their Baptismal gown. Thomas and I chose his sister and brother in law to be Amadeo’s God parents, because they are two people who we know will always be there for him and love no matter what, he is so lucky to have them both in his life. We were so thankful that Sarah came to our home to capture these moments and the love that our son has for his Zia and Uncle Kevin.


Amadeo was Baptized in my husbands gown that his God Mother gave to him. She told us that she added all of the blue bows so everyone would know he was a boy.


Thomas and I are both  truly blessed with a wonderful boy that has completed our family. To watch him grow before our eyes has been our greatest adventure yet.

God Parents, Zia Anna and Uncle Kevin, Bella and Cameron Amadeo’s cousins and of course his furry brother Luca got in on some family pictures.


The takeaway that I have from the ceremony was Amadeo did amazing considering he was starving and it was in the middle of nap time. The Mass was short and sweet, had some confusing but comical moments I guess, but its done and over with and was pretty painless so win, win.

This is the part that I can get behind. We went to have a reception with our family at Sala San Marco, the banquet hall that we were married at, for a sit down meal ( Italian style ) and yummy desserts by the talented Daina Dunker of Daina’s Bake Shop. Beautiful Desserts that taste even better then they look!


Thank you to all of our family that came to share this day with us and for your generous gifts for Amadeo, we are so lucky!



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