Empowered Women, Empower Women.

Empowered Women, Empower Women


I had a really hard time enjoying my pre-teen and teenage years and one of the biggest reasons why was as teenagers there seemed to be so much competition between girls. Someone wanted to be the prettiest, sportiest, funniest, most stylish, smartest, most creative, the list goes on and on, but the point is there was very few girls that I found supported each other or at least not more then their own “successes”.  I’ve never been a very competitive person, sports I could have cared less if I won or not, board games, only competitive when it comes to monopoly, but who isn’t, its just never really been my thing to compete with anyone really.

I have always thrived with the support of others and most importantly human interaction, the biggest reason as to why this motherhood thing has been very challenging for me at times. It’s isolating and lonely!

But I’ve really grown to love my adult years because a magical thing happened when I left high school and I started seeing and experiencing the genuine support and encouragement of other women.

The thing when we finally move on from that phase of our lives that is for the most part self-consuming, we are able to start looking at the world from other perspectives. We start to see the value of other peoples strengths and talents as non threats to our lives, success, confidence etc.

I have truly found in motherhood and starting this blog that the empowerment and support given by other women and mothers and for me other mom bloggers truly has added so much value to me life. Seeing other women rock this thing called motherhood inspires me to be the best that I can be and you know what because that women makes me feel that way I should let her know. I should share with my following of women and mothers because I think that they will always get joy from this moms successes.

See the thing is as women we need to start working against the grain of  a society that is trying to convince us that if another women is succeeding it means that we are failing or that they are some how taking away from our success. Trust me when you start lifting other women up and supporting other women in what they are successful at it will only add positives to your life in every way possible.

We are in this together, this thing called life, womanhood, motherhood, etc., and if we are start supporting each other in anyway that we can imagine all that we can accomplish!

Erica Fraser from @mom.break saw value in exactly this and started a Facebook group for like minded mommy bloggers who could come together and support each other in the ways needed. It has been a great resource for our blogs, it has brought together a group of women who can collaborate together and in the end the part that I’m most thankful for is a group of women that can get together and just be ourselves. We can be raw and candid and supportive of our lives and endeavors. We can bounce business ideas off of each other or send opportunities each others way if we see that are fitting to them and their audience.

Shouting out the amazing mamas that were at our play date this morning and definitely recommending giving them a follow and checking out value they can add to your life!

Erica Fraser from Mom break:


Blog : https://mombreak.ca/

Instagram : @mom.break

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mombreak/

I love following all of Erica’s content because she’s “my people”. She doesn’t put a filtered lens on her life and the content that she puts out. She is real and extremely honest about the brands she works with and promotes. She is not afraid to talk about controversial topics and start discussions in order to bring awareness to something other women and mothers may be struggling with. She is a supporter of therapy and mental health awareness. She puts out an amazing new letter minus the bs and only the things that you’d want as well as a weekly giveaway from amazing brands and lots of women entrepreneurs that to enter all you do is literally click “enter” and will constantly make you giggle throughout the day with her hilarious insta stories.


Sarah Stone from Motherhood Unhinged


Blog: https://motherhood-unhinged.squarespace.com/

Instagram : @motherhood_unhinged

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motherhoodblogger/

Sarah is just the sweestest mama I’ve ever met. She is so open about the struggles she’s faced in motherhood and in my opinion is a huge inspiration because she handles them all head on in the most loving and graceful way. She is someone to connect with and follow especially if you’re struggling with child allergies as well as fertility. I fell in love with her #tubsnacks but stay for the amazing, positive content that she puts out for women and mothers to relate to.

Marise From Sit Ups and Sippy Cups


Blog : https://situpsandsippycups.wordpress.com/

Instagram: @situpsandsippycups

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/situpsnsippycups/

Marise is an inspiring first time mom who helps you get in touch with what’s going on and realize your not alone in motherhood. She is open and candid about loss, post partum anxiety, sleepless nights, fitness journey, as well as her wonderful successes as a first time mom as well. You cant help but fall in love with her hunk of love and a bonus for me our sons are now besties.


Laura From Make It Laura


Blog: http://www.makeitlaura.com/

Instagram: @makeitlaura


Laura is a crafting mamas dream account. She puts out the most beautiful creative content for both mama and babies to enjoy and spend doing. I love the inspiration Laura gives me to foster that creative side that defiantly gets pushed down to the bottom of the list now that I’m a mom. She is also very open about Post Partum Depression and her story can offer a lot of inspiration to women who are feeling effects of changing hormones. Give her a follow for all things beautiful!


Rebecca from Mama in a Mad House


Blog: https://linktr.ee/mama.in.a.madhouse

Instagram: @mama.in.a.madhouse

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/mama.in.a.madhouse/photos/?ref=page_internal

Rebecca is a fellow ECE and spends her days sharing her awesome play set up inspirations that she does with her two amazing children with all of us! Bonus! She is a thrifting powerhouse and believes in reusing all things. She has a child with severe allergies and advocates for other children. In the warmer weather seasons she organizes awesome play and art activities at parks in Barrhaven! give her a follow and connect about all things play!


Naomi Bianca From NaomiBianca613


Blog: https://naomibianca613.com/

Instagram: @naomibianca613

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NaomiBianca613/

Naomi is an awesome STHM who fills her days with adventure exploring all that the city of Ottawa has to offer children and families. She takes her boys to such fun places and lets us know all we need to know if we were to visit. If your wondering what’s out there to do in this city with your littles check out her blog to get some great ideas!

Being a mom in the blogging world and putting your lives and opinions out into the world can bring its own set of challenges and obstacles,  and I just cant thank Erica enough for seeing value in making these connections, supporting each other and putting us all together to do just that.

Girls compete.

Women Empower.

Today we had a mom blogger playdate at my home so our children can all interact and play together and mooooost importantly we are able to have women interaction in the flesh. I always leave these play dates ready to take on the world, it give my mama self and bran new life! So thank you ladies for being wonderful, supportive, fantastic human beings.


Moms deserve some yummy treats and a pretty presentation as well! Baby Mum Mums for the little wee ones, cupcakes because it was a special boys 4th birthday and delicious eats for us!



The kiddos played while we sipped our coffee aka mom fuel and got to catch up on all thing motherhood!




Find your tribe of women supporters and help them grow.



3 Replies to “Empowered Women, Empower Women.”

  1. I too am a woman for woman person.
    Society has always taught us to compete against each other, only the best girl will get the cutest guy, but as you grow you realize strength lies in supporting each other.
    Girl love is so important because ” together we are stronger”.
    Thanks for sharing this blog, its always inspiring to see a strong women admiring each other.

    Liked by 1 person

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