You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

You can’t use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have.

 – Maya Angelou


I have always loved this quote from the great Maya Angelou. She was one of the most influential voices in history and talented in so many outlets. She was a writer, a poet, filmmaker, actress, dancer and civil rights activists, with the most positive outlook on life.

She taught me that you don’t have to focus in on one passion or talent that you may have. You should dabble in all that brings you joy and happiness, it’s what makes you as a person whole.

When describing myself in therapy and having to touch and communicate what makes me happy, what interests me, and what brings me joy, a lot of the time I have difficulty speaking to what that is when I’m struggling mentally. That’s truly because when I’m struggling usually its a direct result of feeling a loss of self.

I touch on a lot throughout my posts and social medias about how I’m truly seeing how much of yourself as a women and individual disappears once you become a mother, and the negative impact it can have on your life. It can bring resentment, depression, anger, sadness, confusion, and so much more, which truly will start dictating how you view yourself or better so how you cant seem to figure out how to view yourself any longer.

One thing that has always sparked so much joy in my life is feeding that creative self. That could be, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, interior decorating, event planning and decorating, the list truly goes on and on, but the point is as long as I’m able to expertise that creative part of my brain it seems to bring way more balance into my life.

Since starting My Little Lamb I’ve made AMAZING connections with so many local women who also thrive when exercising their creative parts of their brains. One of those Mama’s is my girl, Sarah Rowland from Creations Behind The Lens Photography. In just a few short months I’m now lucky enough to call her a friend, and one of the favourite parts of our friendship is how we both get so excited to create art and beautiful pictures together! I love doing concept design and designing sets and back drops and well you’ve seen from my previous blog posts that she is SOOOOO freakin talented behind the camera!

One day we collaborated and bounced ideas back and forth about some pictures that would be so much to do with our littles! They were champs, and with a little bit of, the secret life of pets playing and bribery cupcakes we got some amazing shots of Amadeo and Elena.

We filled my kitchen sink up with a luxurious milk bath and strawberries for my little prince to bathe in, no surprise to me that he loved every second of it and also loves the taste of strawberries.







This was Amadeo’s favourite set up I think, between the first taste of sweet strawberries and his love for baths, he was in heaven! After the milk bath mommy got some sweet snuggles too!


The next set up Sarah and I tackled was a valentines shoot with our two little love bugs! Its so crazy cause Elena and Amadeo could defiantly pass as siblings! This was the cupcake bribery at its peak!









These next few pictures were a ode to Bachelor Nation and this seasons of the Bachelor, capturing Amadeo’s 6 month milestone pictures !


The Bachelor Mansion

The baby Bachelor!






These were seriously fun for Sarah and I being huge fans of the Bachelor Franchise as well as almost all Reality TV!


We then made our way upstairs to have a fun Milk Bath session with Elena and after she was done Amadeo woke from his nap and last minute we went in. These pictures are stunning and I’m so happy I will have these as memories with my son when he was so teeny tiny!








I love how beautiful these shots are of me formula feeding my son! Fed is best!


We are literally the same person



As a women and as a mother I challenge you all to push yourselves to feed your passions, you will reap all of the benefits and so will your family, who will get the best versions of ourselves!

Thank you Sarah for a very fun and eventful playdate!


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