10 Items To Have With You For Easy Travel With A Six Month Old

10 Necessities To Have While Traveling With A Six Month Old


We recently traveled to Dominican Republic with our 6 Month Old, and even though we came home early due to him catching a virus, the traveling to and from was surprisingly a breeze.

I got a lot of great advice from other moms who have traveled with small children and I did a lot of research before even considering going on these long distance adventures with our little one and I think it all really paid off!

I received SOOOO many direct messages asking what we packed for Amadeo that I don’t want to jam pack to much information into one post, so for the sake relaying the information all my wonderful followers are asking for I want to break it up into a couple blog posts for easy reading.

This post will be the 10 items what we packed with us for a smooth “travel”, meaning from the house to the airport, airport to the airplane, airplane to the other airport, airport to my father in laws house.


We were so blessed to have been able to even leave Ottawa when we did, because our adventure started on the morning of Feb 13th, were we had gotten 40 cm of snow overnight! Most flights were immediately canceled the evening before but we were still holding out hope that we could escape this HORRIBLE winter and get to the sunshine and warmth!

Our wish was our command because out of all the canceled flights ours was one of the handful that wasn’t!!!!

When packing the carry-ons, personal bags, and the diaper bag for traveling to an airport and airplane I defiantly recommend taking into consideration the weather.

We had to think that there could be MAJOR delays due to weather and needed to pack the necessities that our 6 month old would need during an extended period of time.

for example, it was recommended to us that for diapers we pack one diaper per hour, I doubled it. I brought PLENTLY of bottles and formula encase of delays, not knowing exactly when it would be that we would arrive at our destination with our checked luggage.


Item #1 – Bring a good backpack diaper bag with LOTS of compartments



I actually won this JuJuBe diaper bag backpack from a giveaway hosted by @mama.in.a.mad.house right before our trip! ( it pays to tags all the friends you know for a million entries!)

It was the perfect bag to travel with, and also very stylish!

Regardless of what diaper bag you have I cant stress enough how helpful a backpack style will be while traveling!


Item #2 – Bring a BABY CARRIER !

This was one of the MOST recommended items to traveling airport/plane by any mom who had traveled prior.

You are able to have your baby safe and snug close to you in a busy stressful environment, you are hands free, you can wear them through security, and it is so comfortable and alleviates so much back pressure when they are sleeping on the plane ride.

We brought our Infantino Baby Carrier we purchased from Walmart months ago. It was AWESOME during travel and the duration of our vacation.




Item #3 – Sanitary wipes!

Planes are literally the WORST breeding ground for germs, so to help kill some of those bad boys off and protect your little ones immune systems, bring sanitary wipes on the plane and wipe down all the seats and trays that your baby will be touching!

*Sadly this didn’t completely protect our little guy because it was thought that he caught his air born virus on the plane ride down but this step will still help a lot!*



Item #4 – Anything you need to feed your baby liquids during take off and landing!

These are the hardest times for your baby to deal with flying because their ears are so sensitive and all of that pressure can build up and cause ALOT of pain. One thing that’s proven to help even adults is swallowing, to help lesson the pressure on your ears.

If you breastfeed and want a cover, or need other accessories , make sure you have those handy and ready to use during take off and landing.

My little guy is formula fed, so I needed to have everything easily accessible and this is what I found worked well for traveling with a bottle fed baby.

Amadeo’s powdered formula went through security no problem (a lot of moms recommended buying pre made formula because its easy peasy, but my little guy has a sensitive tummy so needs his normal powdered formula)

I brought 8 bottles with me to the airport (again encase of delays) with the formula measured already to go inside the bottles. after we went through security I bought room temperature water bottles to bring on the plane with us. ( if you need warm water you can get that from the stewardess during the flight but not before take off) All I had to do was add the water to the bottles and bam it was ready for my little guy to eat.

We were boarded on time but between de icing the plane and all the turbulence we had on the way to Dominican, a 4.5 hour flight ended up being us physically on the plane for a total of 7 hours!

Item #5- Lots of the essentials!

Like I mentioned before you need to figure out what you use with your baby on the daily and double that. That means , a lot of diapers, a big pack of wipes ( you use them for more them bum wiping!) diaper rash cream, etc.

For the first two hours of our flight we had horrible turbulence and weren’t able to get out of our seats at all, and of course our little man pooped and peed right at take off. So naturally after two hours of literally sitting in his piss and shit his bum was pretty tender and needed cream 😦

Item #6 – A thick blanket!

I recommended this for a couple reasons.

Before boarding the plane you will want your 6 month old to get all that rolling around and playing out of their systems and air port floor carpets are DISTUGSTING! (like seriously gross!) So having our thick muslin blanket was a life saver for those couple hours of limbo waiting to board our plane and Amadeo had a fun time playing before being strapped to me for the next 7 hours!

Another time that having this blanket can in handy was on the flat surfice, impossible to change, change table that’s over the toilet in the teeny tiny bathroom. The first attempt to change Amadeo was a HUGE FAIL. He was sliding everywhere and I couldn’t keep him still. Second time I went in with my husband to help navigate the diapers wipes and sorta hold him still ( remember that HUGE 2 hour poop) and we brought in the thick muslin blanket and it completely helped with him sliding all over the place on this horribly stupid change table (I hate even calling it a change table) Its literally like the tray in front of your seat minus the cup holder!



This isn’t ours but its the same brand and thickness, we got ours off of our registry from Buy Buy Baby.


Item #7- Toys with latch rings, their favourite teethers and their comfort items!

Unless you are on a 1-2 hour flight most likely your 6 month old will be up, alert and ready to rumble! Bring some of their favourite toys to explore and teethers that you know work for them!

Bring toys with latch rings so you can put them in-between the seat in front of you and the tray, that way when your little one is playing it wont keep falling on the gross dirty air plane floor.

These are some examples, of which I’m sure some you already own.


Some moms recommended I bring toys that would suction to the tray in front so we actually brought this toy on the plane with us , but never ended up using it, because I found I had no room, between the seat in front leaning back and him on my lap, the tray didn’t go down comfortably AT ALL. However they swore it worked for them so this is the toy they and I brought as well.


We packed his lovey as well as a couple soothers for comfort to help if he got fussy on the plane.


Item #8- Packing extra clothes for all persons traveling!

Having a couple different clothes for baby is a great idea but its also a good idea to now pack the same for mom and dad.

If you have a motion sick baby or a baby who gets REALLY upset and throws up, let me tell you there isn’t a lot of places that it will go but completely onto you.

Luckily that didn’t happen to us but its better to be prepared then covered in throw up for hours in a confined space!

Another reason for extra clothing which did come in handy for us was we left Ottawa with clothing appropriate for -20 but then landed in a country with +35! instantly we were all soooooo hot and sweaty and you know better then anyone mamas, babies bring the expression “hot and bothered” to a whole new level! When we landed we all went to the family washroom and changed into our t-shirts and shorts before collecting our million luggage’s!

Item #9- My favourite….. snacks!

I cant stress enough that travelling with a 6 month old will be very different then your once solo stress free flights. It will be much more difficult to even find your wallet, pull your credit card out and pay for the in flight food when you get hungry. ( again please anticipate delays we were on a 4.5 hour flight for 7 hours!) Also those little cute cheese trays and wine you purchased on flight pre baby will be IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy with a baby on your lap, remember my tray didn’t even fit down!

I packed my husband and I easy to eat snacks from the grocery store prior to our trip and had them easily accessible on the plane!

Fed parents mean more patience and happiness all around!

Item #10- This could be a little controversial but to me was the MOST important thing we did for a smooth, easy and pleasurable travel experience for my husband, myself and Amadeo.


Amadeo is in FULL BLOWN teething mode (as most 6 months old’s are) so we new we would be doing the tag team of baby teething narcotics to help keep him as comfortable as possible during our flight ( baby Advil, and Tylenol)

Our doctor also recommended giving him Liquid Children’s Gravel.

*Always ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist before giving your babies anything including Advil and Tylenol for the first time!

Amadeo is 21 pounds and fit the criteria to take a small dosage of Gravel which our doctor recommended to do 30 minutes before boarding the plane.

The one thing she recommended before our trip was to test out giving him a dosage of Gravel 30 min before bedtime because it can either make a child REALLY sleepy or REALLY hyper…. there’s apparently no in-between and the last thing you need is a CRAZY HYPER child on your flight.


That’s that folks…. the ten items that made traveling with out 6 month old not only easy but PAINLESS!

On our flight to Dominican Amadeo was the only baby and when we arrived in Dominican so many people were shocked and told us they didn’t even realize a baby was on the plane, he didn’t cry once!

Thank you to all the amazing moms who gave their travel advice prior to our trip and all of their amazing suggestions to help make the start of our vacation more pleasurable!



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