Simple St. Patrick’s Day Activities



Sometimes it’s the simplest activities that will keep your little ones captivated the longest. It will help grow and strengthen their skills and when it’s an activity that you know they can accomplish or just have fun playing with it will help develop their self confidence.

Some of my favourite invitations to play, are the easiest to set up and are simple and fun for the child to do.

Here are a few simple and easy activities you can throw together for your little ones to play with for St. Patty’s Day!

Wow gone are the days of going to the bar and starting your green beer chugging at 10 am, this Sunday you will spend it making green pancakes and playing with the kiddos, maybe buy some green dye for your beer in the fridge. Cheers Mamas!


  1. Green trays, and baskets!

My favourite thing about putting together this simple activity is that you can pull from your child’s already enormous toy collection and watch them do the most creative things with the random green toys from each set.

This is a really great way for your smaller infants and toddlers to learn colour recognition by putting different objects that are all the same colour grouped together.

A fun idea to do to set up this play invitation with older toddlers and up is to get them to look for all of their green toys and add them to these trays, or baskets.



2. Green/ St. Patrick’s day sand tray


These play invitations are SOOOOOO easy to set up and fun for your little ones to explore. I bought this awesome green sand and St. Patrick’s day accessories from the Dollartree and will be using the green sand in other small world set ups and saving the St. Patrick’s day accessories for next years play or art set ups.



3. Lucky Charms Cereal Sorting


When your shopping down the food isles for this weekends groceries take a little visit to the sugary cereal isle and pick up some Lucky Charms ( which will most likely be on sale atm ) for a fun sorting activity for your kiddos.

This simple activity is great for SOOOO many reasons! Your children will be having so much fun digging through trying to find their special marshmallows that they wont even notice that they are working on , colour recognition, shape recognition, their fine motor skills and working that sensory component of taste recognition. All of this information that they will be processing during this super simple activity will be sorting its self in their brain bank for a later date!

Bonus: After this activity is done you can turn it into breakfast with some milk or a tasty marshmallow bar!

See this AMAZING recipe from




4. Fruit Loops Colour sorting and Jewelry Making


Just like the simple activity with the Lucky Charms cereal these fruit loops can a lot be turned into some fun Rainbow-luscious Jewelry pieces!

Having your little ones feeding the fruit loops onto the wrapping ribbon is great for developing their fine motor skills. Also while they are watching their Sunday cartoons they can snack on their bracelet or necklace!




5. Cutting out Gold Coins

So obviously this is only appropriate for your child if they are at the age of being able to practice their cutting skills on their own… also don’t give them scissors the size of these pretty gold ones I have!

I’ve shopped everything Scholars Choice for the past 10 years as an educator, and I believe you should to as a parent, more info on why in the next coming weeks!

Here are some links for AMAZING starter scissors for your little ones to learn the skill of cutting!




6. St. Patrick’s Day themed loose parts Tuff Tray!

So you are going to see a lot of Tuff Tray/ Active World play set ups ( there is a whole section on the blog that will be getting filled shortly!) because I absolutely LOVE the value it adds to children’s play!

The tuff tray is such a reasonable price and that you can do ENDLESS activities with your children, also contain some pretty messy play indoor and outdoors! ( I don’t know if you can tell how much I love these and how EXCITED I am to be showing you more you can do with them, AHHHHH) I was gifted this amazing Active World Tray and I can’t wait to be able to use it at home with Amadeo and bring it to daycare for my other children to enjoy as well! The possibilities are TRULY endless, I cant say that enough mama’s!

I wanted to set up a loose parts St. Patrick’s Day Tuff Tray to show you that with a set up as simple and easy as this the creative play that will come will be endless!


I hope you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day with your family and friends, how ever you will be celebrating!

Here’s a pre and post baby celebration image of my life!

(ps. this is pretty much my favourite holiday I even celebrated one year in Cannes, France, I was the only one lol)



2 Replies to “Simple St. Patrick’s Day Activities”

  1. Great Ideas! We’ve done the fruit loop jewellery with the babies at work in the past. Instead of using ribbon we used pipe cleaners, we found they were a bit more sturdy for them to handle, just a suggestion 🙂 love reading your weekly blogs and seeing all your inspiring ideas!


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