The Mid Century Modern Nursery Of My Dreams

I’m a interior decorating buff! I’ve always found so much joy researching the latest trends in interior design and decorating and have had such magazine subscriptions since I was 16 years old! There’s just something about different colours, textures and patterns strategically placed in a neutral modern mid century ( with a couple touches of traditional flare) room that screams luxury and elegance to me.

Wayyyy before I was even pregnant or even trying to become pregnant I had a Pinterest board dedicated for nursery room ideas and inspiration. I knew no matter what gender I would be having any room that I would do would be beautiful for both. There was poufs or truck decals going on the walls of my child’s nursery.

I also love the idea of having the base staples of a room be neutral and classic so to change the enter room décor and feel becomes, easy and inexpensive. I also knew that I wanted pieces of furniture that would complement many different stages of my child’s life so that again it would be easy to re decorate to fit a more mature style as they grow.

I absolutely fell in love with the mid century modern monochrome vibe. I liked that it was versatile and I would be able to change different décor accents and the theme very easily to compliment this style of design.

Here is Amadeo’s Mid Century Modern nursery with links of items below.

(none are affiliate links)

Baby Letto is a premier children’s furniture brand and I fell in LOVE with this set. It was a long and hard journey to finally purchase this set but SO worth it! we also bought the conversion kit so it turns into a toddler bed, day bed and then a full size bed. 
I buy a lot of my home décor accessories from either Homesense, Marshalls or Winners for a few reasons. They are so affordable, great quality but if anything is wrong or doesn’t fit your style you can return items with no headaches or hassle, the hunt for the perfect item is such a thrill!

All white fux fur rugs, the cross blanket and pillows as well as the change pad and diaper caddy were all from purchased Homesense.

These picture frames were purchased from and the prints from crown prints from

We were gifted the grey laundry basket as well as the bubula diaper pale off of our registry from and the grey cart which I get asked about so often is from ikea! The turquoise mirrors were purchased from   ( this diaper pail is AMAZING and it fits the white kitchen garbage bags from Costco so its a very inexpensive re filling system!)

The grey house bookshelf is a homesense find and the white shelves are from ikea. I finally found a Eiffel Chair with a walnut base on The grey desk is custom made with our custom made cabinets.

I needed to include these ADORABLE jelly cats because I always get so many questions on where I buy these funky versions! I go to Dreamweaver, they always carry the best selection of jelly cats and have way more options then just those perfect little bunnies. Also these beautiful rope baskets I found in the Easter section of Walmart and I removed the handles.

this GORGEOUS rug is from ( have you seen a pattern yet of how much I love purchasing home décor off of its because the selection and prices are unbeatable, you can find so many different price points and brands! We’ve been extremely happy with the return policy as well and have returned and exchanged items that didn’t fit in our spaces.)

Amadeo’s Library! A lot of these books were gifted at our baby shower in lu of cards. Our guests wrote inside the books for Amadeo to one day read. Also a lot of books have come from family members hand-me-downs! He’s so lucky! The bookshelf is from The Lion ready chair is a Homesense find as well as the reading light. The Melissa and Doug giraffe I found on a second hand selling site but I will link the new product below. The grey rocking chair and zebra wall art is from BuyBuyBaby Canada 

We are selling this home come the spring and moving into our new build the end of August and I will be turning Amadeo’s bedroom into a Boho Llama bedroom that will play of a lot of pieces that are in his nursery at the moment. All of the other animals will be moved to decorate the playroom on the main floor.

Here is the inspiration board for his new room.

Amadeo's Boho Llama Nursery

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