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Caroline and Sam are wonderful friends of mine, Ottawa local small business owners, makers, and the talent behind Crafted Together Co. and the Wood Sign Calligraphy Workshops that myself and Laura, from Make It Laura, were lucky enough to attend in the spring.


Caroline and Sam started Crafted Together co. almost 2 years ago. Caroline took a local calligraphy workshop and continued to practice her lettering for months on end. Caroline showed Sam a wood sign she thought she could create, and without hesitation he said “Let’s do it, let’s figure it out!” The first sign was created as a Thanksgiving hostess gift and the rest is history.

Since then, Sam and Caroline have learned how to run and manage a business, creating hundreds of custom signs for all occasions, and attending various craft markets around the city. Most importantly they have made connections with other creatives in the city and love the notion of community over competition, always up for a creative challenge and collaboration with others.

After some time, the duo wanted to share the experience of creating wood signs with the public and have started to offer wood sign workshops where you can learn how to hand letter your very own wood sign.

The goal is to provide a fun experience in an inviting and creative setting. The hope is that participants leave the workshop feeling like they’ve learned something completely new, and create a piece of art work they can be proud of.

Caroline + Sam



I’m a creative, and I think a lot of us women and mothers are but no longer have a lot of opportunities to take the time needed to spend to indulge that part of us. The Wood Sign Calligraphy course was the perfect Moms night out for us.


Our workshop was hosted at the beautiful, The Wine Bottega in the heart of Westborro, we had great wine to taste throughout the workshop and Delicious snacks provided, anytime there is food and wine involved, COUNT ME IN!

We had beautiful kits created for us with all the materials and tools needed for the class and to make our wood sign, bonus we got to keep and bring home our personalized goodies. Aside from Caroline having a gift for teaching the workshop all the little added bonuses and touches they provide are just fabulous!

We were gifted this experience in exchange for an honest review on the workshop and I HIGHLY recommend in taking part in a workshop coming up in the fall! I went into the workshop not knowing ANYTHING about calligraphy or how to do it and I left with a beautiful handmade wooden sign and knowledge and talent to confidently apply my skills to DIY projects I may want to do in the future.


I wanted to learn calligraphy for a while, and lucky for me was invited by Vanessa to attend one of the Crafted Together Co’s workshops. Caroline and Sam did an amazing job! The workshop was so well organized. Each person received a calligraphy kit and an amazing workbook created by Caroline. We had time to practice our lettering before moving on to planning and creating a sign. Sam prepped boards for each student that were perfectly sanded and stained. They even included hardware for us to hang our creations at home! Since the workshop I have continued to practice my lettering and go back to the workbook often. The skills I learned in this workshop have been invaluable, and the experience was so fun to share with a friend.

– Laura, Make It Laura



Caroline and Sam have Workshop Dates that are now open to book. Visit @craftedtogetherco on Instagram and Click their link for upcoming workshops and booking details.

Vanessa Ravalico


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