Construction Worker Cake Smash

construction worker cake smash

The infamous Cake Smash brought to you by the pressures of Pinterest and overall cuteness of watching your baby enjoy cake for the first time!

My husband Thomas works in construction and I’m very proud of how hardworking he is and the talent he brings to his craft in the stamp concrete world. (check it out, ) I knew I wanted to incorporate a construction theme into Amadeo’s Cake Smash, and I’m so happy I did because it is the cutest EVER!

Of course the talented Sarah from photography came over and captured these priceless moments.

Amadeo DID not want to eat the cake that Daina from Daina’s Bake Shop made, maybe its because he’s just not a chocolate kinda guy, he loves his cheetto snacks, but we literally had to force him to try it. In all of his mothers glory there was gagging involved and lots of laughing from us.

Here’s the Shoot…. warning you now there is an excessive amount of cuteness






Then we moved inside to try to get him to really get into the cake!




Out of no where mommy got this big kiss ! Omg !!! This is why its so important to me that Sarah is there capturing this moments for us because this was the best EVER! 


We all got in on the fun! 

Thank you Sarah this day was so special!

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