Where The Wild Things Are

Amadeo’s First Birthday

Where The Wild Things Are

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I’m a planner. I like to have amble time to think, create, and prepare for a big event or celebration. After I became a mother that desire didn’t just poof disappear, but my spear time did. I used to spend so much time hand crafting and creating décor for birthdays and shop and source things for months on end but very shortly after Amadeo started crawling and I started thinking about his first birthday and what that would look like I knew I needed to actually out source EVERYTHING if I wanted to throw Amadeo ( me ) a birthday that would live up to my past parties.


We have had some big milestones celebrated and hosted at Sala San Marco event hall in Ottawa and we knew that to fit the amount of people we would be inviting and have a stress free day with amazing food and drink, this is where we would go for Amadeo’s First Birthday. Sala Released a sketch on Instagram of a new room that would be renovated in time for Amadeo’s Birthday and I knew it was the perfect room for his Where The Wild Things Are theme and even better the room itself is named after the owner Tony’s son Amadeo! The food, drink , and service was exactly to the Sala San Marco gold star standard and it was the perfect day!

The space, food & service was perfection as always


Pearl Décor

Thomas and I had our wedding reception at Sala San Marco and hired the Company Pearl Décor to bring our vision to life, and then hired them for rentals to complete our Baby Shower décor! Rasha is an Ottawa based mom-treprenure who has such a passion for creating the most beautiful events. Her close family also work along side of her for set up and take down and I truly can’t recommend them enough for ANY event! She helped turn the Amadeo Room at Sala into a dream come true, fully decorated with the most stunning floral arrangements, centerpieces, chairs, dessert table, back drop and the most adorable gold highchair! This is the magic that is Pearl Décor.

Untitled design


Confetti Events

Tracy Owns and operates her local small decorating business and offers an array of custom clothing, decorations, balloon garlands, party box, almost anything you can think of to perfectly personalize any event! I met Tracy through this platform and the blogging world and fell in love! We have done an Instagram live together and collaborated a few times, our personalities mesh so well and she would honestly do anything in her power to help alleviate your stress as a mom and help make your event picture perfect! Tracy made a custom Wild One onesie for Amadeo, cake, cupcake and donut toppers, crowns, a birthday banner, a highchair banner and crown and gorgeous balloon garland fit for a king! Everything was so beautifully made and such great quality!

Check out all her custom listing and party boxes on her Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ConfettiEventsShop?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=682969412

I highly recommend confetti events for all your personalized decoration needs

These were the top three venders that helped make Amadeo’s first birthday soooo perfect! Thank you Sala San Marco, Pearl Décor and Confetti Events!


When I was trying to settle on a theme for Amadeo’s First Birthday I decided that I would go with that his birthday parties (until he can verbally tell me other wise) will all be themed after a children’s book. Our joint baby shower was The Very Hungry Caterpillar and I LOVED the Wild One theme that has been so popular this year so I knew Where The Wild Things Are would be the perfect book to make come to life!

Thank you to all of our family and friends who were able to make it and Sarah from Creations Behind The Lens for documenting the day in the best way, you are so talented!



I’m not sentimental at all when it comes to keeping Birthday cards but I had these AMAZING custom Where The Wild Things Are prints by the SO talented artist Kyla from Clark and Bell so he can these pieces of art to have as mementos from his birthdays. You can see her work and order through her Instagram page : @clarkandbell


I always try to make sure that there is a little station for children to occupy themselves at and have some fun! We didn’t have to many little ones at the party but the ones that were there loved the green and Wild Things themed activities.
Crown yourself , I set up a 12 month timeline of Amadeo’s monthly photos as well as a copy of Where The Wild Things Are book as a guest book for people to sign and leave a message for Amadeo!
Amadeo and my mom have a very special bond and they were pretty inseparable this day. Anytime we took Amadeo form my mom he was NOT a happy camper!



We are so lucky to have been surrounded by so many family and friends who love and support us and this little man!
We managed to get somewhat of a good picture of all the Cabo crew and our babies! Its so amazing to be surrounded by so many amazing mamas and baby friends!

Amadeo was surrounded by so many amazing family and friends

I Had my amazing co-workers aka my second family come and support and celebrate not only Amadeo’s milestone but shower me with love for being a mama!


Also I had awesome mama bloggers that have been in our life for the last year, we laughed and drank and joked about all the crazy that motherhood is!

My girl Amanda from @littlelotusyoga
Sarah and Mia from @simplysarah
Some of our Ottawa Mom Blogger OGs Kaitlyn @mrmrandmama ,Sarah @mom2bean ,Behka @mamainamadhouse and Amanda @littlelotusyoga


And obviously we had an outfit change, this was the third and finally Birthday Outfit for my little Wild thing




Thank you for everyone who attended and all the amazing venders involved!

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