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Business Highlight 

This blog post is sponsored and I have been compensated for my time and work put into this piece, the opinions are honest and true to my beliefs.  



If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen Modern Rascals mentioned in my posts, stories, highlights, and IGTV videos. My relationship with Jana and this amazing local business that she owns is on a customer basis, personal basis (we have commonality and passion about business and all things early development) and business. Jana trusted me only a few months ago to take over her Modern Rascals Instagram account and speak to her audience and customers all about my beliefs and expertise with open ended toys and loose parts in regards to early learning and development.



When I decided it was time to start growing Amadeo’s, Grimm’s ( ) and Grapat ( ) collection, I wanted to purchase from a Canadian Business, Run by a (bad ass) Woman with ecological and humanitarian ethics behind the brand. Jana- Modern Rascals, checked off all criteria and then some!


I asked Jana if she would be willing to share with us her “why”, one of the biggest reasons I rally and support this brand the way I do in this community is Jana herself. She is a kind and caring human being with high standards with the brands she carries from clothing to toys taking into account from the salaries and conditions the makers who creates these beautiful products are in, all the way to how these products will impact and add value for us, her consumers, in a positive way. I’ll never forget she had a question box in her Instagram stories, of ask me anything, while she was passing the time during a tattoo session and I asked, “What do you love most about the products you sell”, to which she responded, “That the workers are making a living wage and the bright rainbow colours make me happy”.

I Absolutely Love that! I’m more then happy to invest in quality toys for my child and support a Canadian business owner who genuinely cares about the impact her company is making on the world the way that Jana does!

Here is Jana’s “Why”


jana mr

When my firstborn was little, I cobbled together happy colourful clothes from a variety of big stores. As he got bigger the choices got more gendered and the colours and prints were limited. I wanted clothes to be open-ended (or at the very least not inherently limiting) and so off I went on many late-night google searches. I eventually found bright happy prints in Scandinavian brands like DUNS Sweden and Maxomorra.

Fast forward to a parental leave career change and that moment where I jumped off a cliff and launched Modern Rascals. For the first year we only sold clothes. As we got bigger (and my own kids got bigger) I started looking for the same open-ended and non-limiting choices in toys as well. And let’s face it the toys we carry are just as happy and bright as the clothes that we love 😀

Jana & the Modern Rascals team

Insta: @modernrascals



To this date Amadeo’s Wooden toy and open-ended toy collection includes these amazing brands purchased from modern rascals:

Grimms :

Grapat :

Folkmanis :

Holztiger :


Way To Play :

Wobbel :

Erzi :


When I’m looking at what to purchase in regards to toys for Amadeo, I consider these three things…..


1.Safety : This touches on what quality of materials the toys was made out of. Where the toy was produced and what their safety standards and practices are in regards to production of the finale product. Age suitability, I’m a huge believer in more mature play and exposure to toys that may be suitable for older children however safety is always a top priority when thinking of the toys you’d like to offer to your child unsupervised.

2. Life Span : If I’m purchasing a toy especially,  at a higher price point, you best believe it will be open-ended and my child will be playing, exploring and discovering new ways to interact and create with the materials over many years. Spending $120.00 on a Grimms Rainbow that can be played with from birth to 12 years old ( at least) ends up costing you only $10.00 a year! The investment is essentially in the amount of years it will be enjoyed.

3.Will this help my child evolve: Children’s most important work in their early learning and development is accomplished through play.  Investing in open-ended toys will help support your child explore the world, through play.  With play that emphasizes the process or experience rather than the final product children will be able to build on who they are as a person and what interests and makes them happy. This to me is worth ever penny I invest in Amadeo’s Toy collection.

For more on open-ended play and toys visit :


When I go through the beautifully designed and incredibly user (  mom brain ) friendly website that is , all of the toys that Jana sources hit my top three credentials of what I look at when I purchase toys, resources and materials either for Amadeo, for my programs or parent and child classes.

What are my Top toy recommendations per age that Modern Rascals sells you ask ……

I created some graphics for when I took over Modern Rascals Instagram account and here they are, keep in mind almost all of these toys, because they open ended will be played with for many years to come not just exclusively for that month.

one month
One Month 
two months
Two Months 
three months
Three Months 
four months
Four Months 
five months
Five Months
six months
Six Months 
seven months
Seven Months 
eight months
Eight Months
nine months
Nine Months 
ten months
Ten Months 
11 months
Eleven Months 
12 months
Twelve Months 
kinder and schoolage
Kinder & School Age 

I put my HUGE stamp of approval on all things Modern Rascals and recommend taking some time to visit their site ( ) to explore their beautiful clothing, reusable’s and extraordinary open ended toy collection!

Because Jana is so amazing she has offered the My Little Lamb community a 10% your entire first toy order with code : MYLITTLELAMB ( this is not affiliated)

Thank you Jana for all that you do in regards to your business!



442 Replies to “Modern Rascals”

  1. I absolutely love this! I am an Early Childhood Educator and I feel children should have the opportunity to engage in play with open ended materials. I truly enjoy watching children explore, create & use their imagination. These toys are great for fostering each one of the elements. I cannot wait to purchase some! Some items on my wish list include the pastel element rainbow, pebbles river, step pyramid wooden blocks and if I had to choose one wooden animal I would choose the flamingo 🦩


  2. Too many fun things to choose from!! But wobble board or some animals might be in the shopping list!! Great place to start our toy collection!


  3. Great post! Would love to add a Grimm’s Large Rainbow to my little guys playroom, however, I think he would LOVE some @waytoplaytoys Tracks! So many beautiful options. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Great post! So many educational and stimulating (and beautiful) toys! We’re expecting for July and will definitely be putting the wobble board on our must have list!
      xo @mykaeladg


  4. Love all of the grimms wooden toys, but my favourite would have to be the coloured block pyramid! Great blog post Vanessa!! Love the age breakdown.


  5. The Mordern Rascals toy selection is amazing. Such beautiful and timeless pieces! We would love some wooden animals for our son ❤️🐻🦔🐿🦌


  6. Another vote for the Grimms rainbow!! I am excited for them to get restocked, I am just starting to make my daughters play room and am hoping for a theme of rainbow colours!


  7. I’m always so overwhelmed by the number of toys we get at Christmas. I love the idea of open ended toys. The rainbow or wobble board are definitely on my list!


  8. Love all of this! My baby is 5 months so we don’t have many toys yet. I would love some wooden blocks Or the rainbow!


  9. Such beautiful and well thoughtful products. Our wish list would include some of the play food, felt bowls and the wooden steps pyramid


  10. I loved reading this! It is so informative. We are just trading to more interactive play and it’s been so exciting!!! I think our girls would love the rainbow and the rings. Thank you again for the information.


  11. Amazing blog! I would love anything from Modern Rascals.. especially the Grimm’s Rainbow, or the wooden animals (so Sweet)!
    Can’t wait for my first purchase!


  12. I have been eyeing modern rascals for a long time now! Need to take the plunge and order some stuff for my toddler and baby on the way! I’d love starting out with a rainbow stacker or some of those cute building blocks!!


  13. Great blog! So many great toys it would be really hard to choose just 1 — would start with a wobble board, large rainbow & then add the colourful bowls & little people into our mix of toys we own!


  14. Thank you for all this info! I love the end when you suggest what to have at what age, I’ve been trying to figure that out. I LOVE the Grimm’s large rainbow and I can’t wait to put an order in!


  15. This is an amazing post! I’m LOVING the recommendations by age as I am struggling on where to start for my 10 month old twins. I’m a huge believer in open ended play and have really tried to limit the amount of battery operated toys but it has been hard when people get really excited to give your littles some gifts. I am really hoping to grab them the large rainbow and the large grimms block set for their birthday to start their collection as they seem to be the most versatile and grow with age all while editing out over time their other toys.


  16. Ugh I love these toys!! My 7 mo old is growing so quickly and I feel like such a terrible mom for not getting him more toys (I feel like he must be bored by now of the same 6-7 toys lol). I want to wait to make the investment into really good toys like the ones modern rascals carries but you know how it is! So many other expenses to think about! Still, it’s good to know these toys will last him a long time.

    I’ve definitely had my eye on the (sold out) stacking pebbles, the 7 rainbow friends in 7 bowls set and the building set of small houses.


    1. I hear you on this mama , just know you are an amazing mom, that will never be based upon the amount of toys your child has to play with! I recommend a read over my toy rotation post ❤️


  17. with everything going on with covid, I can’t take my baby out to play groups anymore. Now more than ever I need to invest in some good toys for him to learn and play with. My wish list would include a rainbow stacker or the colourful pyramid blocks!!


  18. Fantastic resource!! Great read for anyone with kids at any age.
    I would love to add a Large Pyramid!!! Any of the block sets, perhaps the rainbow bridge or a wobble board!

    I may also add the easy grab cars for the newest addition to the family.


  19. So many amazing products to encourage learning, playing and cultivate creativity! I’m a fan of the Grimm’s collection Modern Rascals offers. I think the colour sorting table or bowls and/or the pyramid stacking blocks would be a great learning tool for my 7 month old. He has the rainbow stack and loves the bright colours. Such fun, bright and happy products Jana has selected for her company!


  20. All the colors are amazing! I would love the rocks, large rainbow, the animals and for my 2 boys the tracks .. they love cars m! Great post! 💕💕


  21. There’s SO many options that I would love to add to our small but slowly growing collection… my number 1 want would be the Grimms stepped pyramid!


  22. Oh man, so many things on my wish list here! A few include the rainbow stacker, wobble board and car tracks. So much for to be added to our collection 🙂


  23. I love love love the Grimm’s Rainbow; my 7 month old is our rainbow baby; so it’s only fitting. Thank you for the giveaway and look luck everyone!


  24. All the heart eyes for that wobble board !! These pieces are all so beautiful and you can just tell they will withstand the test of time- and toddler play!!


  25. Honestly, I’d love everything 😊 But if I had to choose I’d pick a large rainbow stacker and some peg people 😁


  26. I love this! The Grimms stackable rainbow would be the top of my list! That being said I LOVE the colourful stackable blocks and the wooden stones as well but any of the open ended wooden toys are so great for watching your child use their imagination!


  27. I love all of her toys. Soooo many to choose from but definitely would love the nins and a wobble board!!!


  28. Love wood toys that can last for years to play with and uses their imagination. Would love the woods blocks or the rainbow!


  29. Been slowly starting to incorporate more open ended toys. The ones I think would be my current top picks would be wobble boards, large pyramid set and large rainbow stacker. Also the animals and forrest set would be awesome to add to block play.


  30. I absolutely love this. I’m a huge fan of open ended play, and love seeing all the creative ways it can be used in different settings. I love the wobbler, it can be used with blocks or other toys to build and create small world play but is also amazing for active play and balance. So wonderful, thank you 🙂


  31. Love, love, love all these Modern Rascal products! Also, very informative blog post. Really like the suggestions for different ages. My nugget is currently 7 months and I would love to get him some wooden blocks ❤️


  32. Absolutely love so many of these toys! I’ve never heard of them before today and wished I found them earlier. We would love to add the large stacking rainbow to our toy collection. We don’t have anything like it. Thank you 🙂


  33. I’m in love with the grapat toys to build a loose parts toy box. The colours, sizes & shapes are so appealing and just make me want to be creative, can only imagine my little one would feel the same with a few of these toys!


  34. Absolutely LOVE Modern Rascals and have sooooooo many items on our wish list! We just ordered (and received – yay fast shipping!!! 💕) the large Grimm’s rainbow. Next on our list is the Grimms cars, a set of Grapat Nins, the large Grimms pyramid, and a wobble board…


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