Environmental Focus Virtual Class

Virtual Class 

This past year I have been so humbled and flattered that you, as a parent, trust me in helping add value to your child/ children’s life through my Parent & Child Classes and Workshops.


Most of the world at this time is practicing social distancing and self isolation in order to get to the other side of this as soon as possible. That means we are in our homes faced with a whole new reality. If you’ve found yourself clicking this blog post you are most likely face with one of these scenarios;

  •  Working from home with child/children
  • Working from home with partner,child/children
  • Working from home and partner is working from home with child/children
  • Laid off at home with child/children
  • Maternity leave at home with child/children

Regardless of what our newest reality looks like, this is difficult on all accounts. I’m feeling the pressures, stresses and starving for some kind of normalcy myself in my own ways as well.

I’ve been hearing from so many parents who have been feeling like they are drowning, they need help, reassurance, guidance on different subjects. So to try and help in the ways I know how, I will be offering virtual classes for parents to try to ease the hardship of your new reality. These classes will all be held in the evenings so we can come together with our little ones in bed and focus on the material and interactions.

So far the feedback from the Attendees of my Virtual Classes have warmed my heart with their testimonials. I’m always looking for honest feedback to help better serve you and your family at home with my education background and environmental experience working in the field of a licensed daycare.

Environmental Focus 


Class: Environmental Focus (All Ages)

When : Saturday  May 23rd 2020 @ 8:00 pm est

Duration: 30 minute teachable 15 minute question and answer period. If you’d like further customization after the class private consulting sessions can be looked at to help look at big picture in regards to your individual child/children, circumstance and routines. Feel free to email me at mylittlelambblog@gmail.com afterwards to book.

About: During this virtual class I will be providing information on why your child/children’s environment is so important in correlation to their behaviours, mood, attention span and learning. I provide easy actionable ways to adjust your environment to help support your child/children’s needs.

How to Sign Up: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/environmental-focus-tickets-105045808842


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