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Basic Baby Co. 

basic baby co

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This blog post is sponsored and I have been compensated for my time and work put into this piece, the opinions are honest and true to my beliefs.  

When I was two months postpartum with Amadeo, my first birth, I wrote a blog post, 5 Postpartum Care Must Haves for Mom.

With the experience of a traumatic birth (in the sense of person vaginal injury) recovery from said birth and what my postpartum right after baby looked like, I knew what I wanted to do differently next time and the advice I would give to future mamas out there.

At the time I followed on Instagram and reviewed online Basic Baby Co. and all of the amazing products they offered for after baby comes and my FAVOURITE product and package they carry was/is their, Postpartum Bundle.

It’s embedded deep within our culture to make sure mom is okay, has everything she needs, support her physically, mentally and emotionally while pregnant, but within 24 hours of that beautiful baby being born we are now, sadly, officially an after thought. I will never stop being vocal about how absolutely wrong that is. We need to be a thought after birth not an after thought.


A bit about how Basic Baby Co. was started from the owner Sheila,

Basic baby co. launched about three years ago and it was my lemonade at a time when I was feeling the lemons. I have a Masters in Counselling Psychology and after over a decade working with and counselling people experiencing substance use issues, involvement with the justice system, trauma, mental health, and other challenges, I was burnt out.

More than that, I arrived at a place where the experiences and traumas from my own life had caught up with me – I was exhausted and overwhelmed by anxiety to the point of it being totally crippling. I have never been good at sitting idle, but I was also forced to accept that I need to make some changes and give myself some time to heal.

I didn’t really realize it at the time, nor had this ever been part of my “life plan”, but as it turned out, part of that healing process came in the form of starting a business – a business that was completely different from my career and provided an opportunity to have something that was mine, be creative, and celebrate some of the more joyous and heartwarming parts of life. So, with the unwavering support that my Mum has always provided, I saw an opportunity, followed a feeling I had, and basic baby co. was born!

After months of building it, I actually went back to work in the healthcare system doing consulting work about the same time basic baby co. launched. It has been a busy few years, but I am so grateful for this business and the people that support it because it affords me a wonderful balance and place to be creative in my life.

Everyone loves to celebrate the arrival of babies, but often people don’t know what to get and/or cannot always be there in person or know when would be a good time to visit a new parent. So, basic baby co. is really about making it easy for people to celebrate their loved ones during this amazing and life-changing time of life!

More than that, it is about sending a gift that is not just thoughtful, but also practical! So often new parents get all sorts of gifts that they never have the chance or need to use. Personally, I don’t like getting someone a present just for the sake of getting them something… I like to give someone something that is good quality and something they will actually use and truly appreciate. So, that’s basic baby co. … carefully curated and perfectly practical!


Basic Baby Co. is a mother-daughter venture – a testament to the life-long relationship of unconditional love, support, and friendship between parent and child. Located in Vancouver, BC, basic baby co. is a proudly Canadian company.

Now more then ever we are hyper aware of supporting Canadian companies and supporting those we love during their pregnancy and post birth during this pandemic in any way we can while respecting social distancing and the boundaries in order to keep baby and mama healthy and safe.
A Basic Baby Co. bundle will be that perfect gift sent directly to mama and baby to show your love and support.
To view and shop all bundles click the link below 
At checkout use code MYLITTLELAMB to save 10% 

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