Lovevery Playkit Review

Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery

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I reached out to Lovevery a couple months ago after almost two years of parents asking me if I would recommend the Montessori style learning subscription box and asked if they would send me a kit to review.

I have spent the last couple years on my blog building genuine relationships with parents with the goal that when I recommend a product or service it is because A. I’m already a customer and spend my own money or B. I have reviewed a product or service and I would spend my own money on it. So in this case and review of the Lovevery Subscription boxes its B.

Lovevery sent us The Realist Play Kit (19,20,21 months) & The Companion Play Kits (22,23,24 months)

Amadeo was a year and a half when we received our Play Kits and he will be two years old in two months. He was INSTANTLY drawn to the unboxing of the items in the Play Kits and wanted to explore and test out each items before moving on to the next.

My review is going to consist of these 5 key points, mostly pulled from FAQ you ask me about the kits.

  1. Quality
  2. Usability/ Longevity of play
  3. Price Point
  4. Company Ethics
  5. Is it worth it/ Do I recommend you purchasing
Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery
  1. Quality

Hands down this is the number one question that parents want to know my opinion on, and I’d like to believe its because I’m quite the connoisseur of toys in the Early Developmental Years.

Amadeo has been playing ( roughly ) for over two months with the toys in and out of rotation and they have completely with stood my crazy toddler.

Seriously every item including the books, bags, puzzles, plastic toys and wooden toys are built PHENOMENALLY!!!!

The materials, the colours of the products all have purpose and intention behind them and as an educator and parent that is important for me when I’m considering what toys and materials will come into our home and Amadeo’s Playroom.

The Play Kits by Lovevery

2. Usability/ Longevity of play

I was getting asked questions that related to how long in my opinion would your children play and engage with the items in the subscription kits. So to start out I’m going to share what items came in The Realist and The Companion Kits.

What’s Inside
The Realist Play Kit


Tinkering with mechanical thinking all on his own—and perfectly portable for problem-solving with little hands


Three little balls to hide and find in the Lockbox


Practice pincer grasp with her first nature puzzle


Explore life on a farm through touch, feel, and sensory play


Matching and tucking the organic cotton critters takes focus, dexterity, and tenacity


A Montessori classic we’ve perfected—pouring practice helps develop hand and eye control


Fit small objects into small spaces while building colorful towers


An organic cotton pouch for the peg board pieces


A toddler usable flashlight


It’s not too early to build quantitative skills (subitizing, anyone?)


Knowing you can make people laugh builds self‑esteem


Ease into bedtime—an introduction to routine, sequence, and time


Ideas for how to play during months 19, 20, 21,
backed by all the
research you don’t
have time to read

Free ground shipping for orders $75+ in contiguous US and Canada at!

The items in this kit that will last years in your toddlers play rotation are ; The Really Real Flash Light, The Lock Box with the Hideaway Balls , The Grooved Pitcher and Glass, the Wooden Stacking Pegboard and the Drawstring Bag.

In a toy rotation I have changed up which items I present with the Lock Box, I’ve added recycled food pouch lids, pompoms, animal figures, you name it, if it fits and Amadeo is interested in them they have gone in the lock box.

The Grooved Pitcher and Glass I have brought outside, used it in the kitchen and bathroom sinks for some sink play, the bath tub and some wet easy sensory set ups. Bringing toys that are usually played with in one environment into another will help create new motivation and curiosity to continue to explore.

The Wooden Stacking Pegboard I have set up with rainbow rice, a colour sort activity as well as encourage and model incorporating them in block play.

In my opinion the books, puzzles and a couple of the items that have the purpose of mastering certain fine motor skills will maybe last one year of intentional play. I’m predicting that after Amadeo is Three years old I don’t think items will interesting to him and wont be engaged with.

That being said I do think almost all of the items that come in these boxes can be used and presented in different ways or environments within a toy rotation and will be engaged with MUCH longer then the three months that the kits cover.

The added bonus to these kits are definitely the Play Guide as it will give you so many ideas of how to present the toys, invitation to play, as well as interact and help aid in your child’s development at that stage.

Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery

What’s Inside
The Companion Play Kit


Welcome Quinn!
A soft, organic companion for pretend play


Work on fine motor strength while making three-dimensional art


Help make sense of
the big feelings that come
with turning two


Going to the doctor can be fun—so long as we’re prepared!


A Montessori sorting game for learning about similarities and differences


An organic cotton bag for putting away the animals and wood tiles


Supersized stacking and water play cups! Do it all: nest, stack, contain, pour. Add on to your baby Drip Drop Cups for an even taller tower!


Pick up these felt stars—a fine motor pincer activity


Keep busy with no-pinch buckles while building hand strength and practicing bilateral coordination on this organic pillow


A puzzle that’s easy to hold—and a challenge to solve


Practice “right side up” with this set of four simple puzzles


Take the puzzles on the go


Carry whatever you need to craft or play on the go


Ideas for how to play during months 22, 23, 24,
backed by all the
research you don’t
have time to read

The items in the Companion Kit have been a HUGE hit with Amadeo and his interests. My favourite part of this box by FAR is the Bea gets a check up book. Amadeo and I read it over and over a couple weeks before we went into get his booster shots and I SHIT YOU NOT, even with the new Covid protocols and it just being me there not both his dad and I, he knew exactly what was going on, what to expect. He barely cried, I didn’t even need to hold him while they did the shot!

The items that I know will grow with your children are; Little Quin, Montessori Animal Match, Drawstring Bag, Carry Along Kit, Large Nesting Stacking Cups, The Buckle Barrel, Mosaic Button Board, and Tweezers and Felt Stars.

All of these items we have used in different play invitations and they have endless opportunities to be modified as your child grows.

Free ground shipping for orders $75+ in contiguous US and Canada at!

3. Price Point

When I spend money on toys and or a service that will make my life easier and add value to my child’s I expect to pay a pretty hefty price tag but these Subscription kits are only $120.00 for three months of play, that works out to $40.00 a month.

I did a little research for you guys on the world wide web because one of my favourite pass times is sourcing and price matching toys and resources. I compared the toys that are offered in the Play Kits for similar quality from other companies would cost to purchase individually. For each of the Play Kits I have for Amadeo easily it would cost over $350.00!

Here’s the most valuable aspect about these kits to me, The Play Guides that come with the Subscription boxes I would personally value at $120.00 alone!

Hands down I think this the most affordable play kits available on the market when you factor in the quality of the toys and materials and education added.

The best is they now have Toddler Playkits all the way up to 36 months old.

Shop the new 2 Year Old Kits – available now!

4.Company Ethics

I’ve found the products included in The Play Kits by Lovevery to be very inclusive and diverse in representation, however that was from an personal opinion formulated from a place of privilege. I reached out to their Social Media team and asked how they will be moving forward to continue to better the representation of Black, Indigenous and other People of Colour within their products for families. I received an immediate response expressing appreciation that I’m holding them accountable as a affiliate influencer and a parent. They have continued to share their plans moving forward within their company to grow and share their ethics through their products and provide resources to parents navigating educating their children to be anti-racist and allies to the LGBTQ+ community.

They are a company that I’m proud to work with and promote to parents, I believe their products will add value to your families lives and make a positive impact.

If you want to learn more about Lovevery’s story and the company click the link below.

Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery

5.Is it worth it/ Do I recommend you purchasing

I really do think its more then worth it and I highly recommend adding this subscription to help foster skills in your child’s early development.

Lovevery has a couple products that you can also purchase separately that you can check out below, The Block Set looks UNREAL!

Shop the NEW Block Set from Lovevery!

If you have any questions let me know in the comment box below ! Happy Shopping!

Vanessa Ravalico

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