Top Ten Toys for Babies 5 months and Under


Top Ten Toys for Babies 5 months and Under


Over the past couple months my most requested blog post my followers have asked me to write about is what toys and activities I use daily with Amadeo and what I recommend for which ages. So here it is mamas all our FAVOURITE toys we own and love!

***I will include all links and prices to these items but this is in no way a sponsored or affiliated post, this is purely my opinion of the items I have purchased myself or have been gifted to me and Amadeo by family or friends :)***

  1. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Play Mat – $149.99

I added this play mat from Skip Hop on my baby shower registry from Buy Buy Baby, because I LOVED the modern design that had beautiful high contrast colours that are perfect for infant development. Another bonus to this mat which I have grown to love and recommend a million percent over the foam tile play mats, is that its SOOOOO EASY TO CLEAN, super hygienic, and SO comfy and squishy, I wish my whole main floor was made out of this material. I’m able to run my Dyson vacuum on it on either setting no problem and use non toxic cleaning products to easily disinfect germs! Win Win!




2. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Smart Lights Activity Mat – $134.99

Same as the Skip Hop Play Mat I chose this Activity mat for all of the features it had for infant development. It hits all of your babies senses and is really great from infant on again because of the high contrast colours and patterns. It also lights up and plays music, so cool! Amadeo has loved this mat from day one!





3. All kinds of Sensory Balls – Prices range from $5.00 to $15.00


Infantino textured ball set, we own a couple different sets and Amadeo loves playing with these balls for so many different reasons. He’s able to explore and feel different textures, some are super easy for him to grasp and suck on, and he is always mesmerized by the beautiful bright colours!


Oball ( my favourite ball EVER! ) Amadeo has been confidently playing with his ball as young as 2 months old! It’s his favourite toy and likes it so much that I have multiples for outings and at home play. Its light weight and super easy for them to grasp and hold on to, plus Amadeo favourite game is sticking his tongue through the holes and thinks its hilarious.


Spiked rubber shapes are from the Dollarama, they were $2.50 each and are sooooo cool! Amadeo loves putting them in his mouth and feeling the spikes. We’ve been playing with these from 2 months old till now. He also loves when I take his socks off and put them where he has his naked feet, its a different sensory experience.


Stress Balls from Terra 20 were a gift from friends and they are SO cool! I definatly recommend purchasing, they are a really cool texture and feeling and they are good for mommy to fidget with too in stressful situations! Bonus!



4. Squiz from Scholars choice were a gift Amadeo got from my co-workers at daycare! This hands down is my FAVOURITE daycare toy for quiet table top play. They are so cool and suction to almost any surface including eachother so they can be built up. I add other toys to this for example, I use the green ones as trees and add farm animals, I used all the blue ones and add boats, fish or marine animals, I mean the possibilities for different play set ups are endless. These are also amazing for child directed play, their imagination runs wild and its so cool to see their suction creations. I have been giving these to Amadeo since he was two months. They are AMAZINGLY easy for him to grasp as well as a great teething aid! I HIGHLY recommend adding a set or two to your child’s toy collection for any age range, its a toy that will grow with your child beautifully as they use it in different ways at different stages.



5. Grimm’s Conical Stacking Tower is such a beautiful hand crafted wooden toy Amadeo got for Christmas. I cant wait to grow his Grimm’s wooden toy collection. Amadeo LOVES the beautiful bright colours as well as the texture of the wood in his mouth, the pieces are also easy for him to hold at 5 months and challenges him because they are heavier then his plastic toys he’s used to. Grimm’s toys are pricey but you have to look at these toys as a true investment, they will be played with by your children 5 months all the way till grade 6 at least! I HIGHLY recommend checking out all of the different Grimm’s creations accounts I have listed on my Grimm’s post on Instagram, its crazy what children are creating independently as well as with their parents!



6. Anything Eric Carle! As an educator and now mommy I LOVE all of the stories, art work and toys that the company The World Of Eric Carle puts out. I love the brand so much that it was the theme for our Baby Shower, check out that blog post for pictures! So far all the Eric Carle toys and books we own as from a mixture of Amazon, BuyBuyBaby and Winners, Homesense and Marshalls. They are affordable and bring so much to the table developmental wise!






7. The Infantino Pat and Play Water Mat – $7.99

As an educator I know how crucial it is to have sensory be a big part of a child’s learning and development, however as an infant it can be difficult to incorporate. Amadeo is at the age were EVERYTHING he gets his hands on will go into his mouth and he also hasn’t started eating solids so we are limited to contained sensory play. I love the infantino water mat because its affordable and I hate the diy sensory bags out of ziplocs because its next to impossible to have them not leek fluid, and yes I’ve tried everything after a couple plays or elapsed time they also leek fluid. I use the water mat for keeping tummy time interesting as well as I put it under his feet for a different sensory intake.



8. Teething Toys!

The Zoli Teether – $19.99

Baby Banana Toothbrush – $9.99

I realize there are a lot of AMAZING teethers on the market and I own almost all of them but my son started teething at 3 month ( ugh ) and even now at 5 months its really difficult for him to properly grasp and use any of the other teethers properly because he’s so young. These are the ONLY two that from 3 months to now that he can use 100% on his own with confidence and provides him with relief!


Follow my Instagram account @mylittlelambblog and you will see these in use almost daily in my stories!


9. Stacking cups!

You can find all sorts of different sets and shapes of stacking cups. Amadeo got his as a Christmas present and loves them because he can hold them with use do to the thin lip on the cups. They are light weight making them easy for him to hold for long periods of time and these one even have holes so are perfect in the bath as well!




We also play a really fun game together as a family with Amadeo when he is in his Bumbo. He ends up throwing and pushing off the cups and my husband and I have to get them back on within 5 seconds, like a the floor is lava game, he laughs and just loves it!



10. Evenflo Jungle Quest Excersaucer – $143.99

Last but certainty not least is an Excersaucer. Amadeo is 5 months old and has built up enough strength in his neck to confidently play in a Excersaucer which equals the HAPPIEST day in motherhood. You can go pee, do dishes, shower, etc and not feel guilty! They are happily having independent play and entertain themselves for a bit (FINALLY) so in my eyes its a WIN WIN and I 10000000 million percent say as soon as your child is capable get them in one! This Excersaucer is super cool because I actually bought it for my nephew 6 years ago and now Amadeo is using his cousins, woot woot!



Once you pass the six month mark there is SO much open to keep them entertained and growing developmentally, most of which is extremely cost effective and you can easily DIY.

Let me know if you have any other questions pertaining to our daily activities I always love hearing from you, as well as if you have or purchase anything I’ve recommended let me know how you and your children like using them!



Medical Assistance In Dying (M.A.I.D) takes love, courage and bravery like none other

Medical Assistance In Dying


My grandmother Silvana Santarelli was diagnosed with terminal cancer just five weeks ago and since that time and watching a loved one rapidly decline in health and spirit, it makes you start looking at life in a different lens.

My Grandmother was nothing short of the epidemy of someone who has lived their life to the fullest and truly lived in the moment. So much of her life was like a beautiful novel, filled with love of family, friends, travel, culture, music, laughter and romance. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone in my life who truly lived as my grandmother did. She saw so much of the world, spoke many languages, married a handsome Canadian in the army and then moved to Canada to live the Canadian dream raising three truly amazing humans (one of which is my wonderful mom). She spent the better part of her life working in customer service and truly impacted everyone who she came into contact with for the better.

Five weeks ago my grandmother was taken to the hospital by my aunt due to pain in her shoulder and that’s when she was given the news that no one wants to ever hear muttered from a doctor, that she had cancer, or as she put it “I have the big C”. The following days were full of tests to determine a prognosis and to what degree had the cancer spread. Unfortunately the news wasn’t good news and she was told that the cancer had spread into most of her vital organs and it was terminal, with only a few more weeks to live.

Most of us have been effected by cancer or have had a family member effected by cancer. I myself have had a couple scares throughout my life with high concentration of cancerous cells in my uterus, and hearing anything with the word cancer attached is the most frightening words you can ever hear from a doctor.

I now have experienced both sides. I have seen the unbelievable strength, resilience and bravery it takes to fight cancer head on as well as seeing the other side of a terminal diagnoses and how that same unbelievable strength, resilience and bravery applies to Medical Assisted In Death (M.A.I.D).

My grandmothers quality of life had been ripped out from under her so swiftly and in these last five weeks the pain had become unbearable. When there is nothing that can be done to save a life or even make those last weeks that she would have had on this earth more comfortable my grandmother chose to apply for M.A.I.D which was put into place in Ontario in the last few years for these exact circumstances. To allow you to pass away painlessly, peacefully and with your dignity. Seeing a loved one in pain and knowing there is nothing that can be done to relieve it, or make it better is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life thus far.

Once my grandmother was approved she had 10 days to contemplate and still make the decision to either go through with the procedure to end her life or not to. In those ten days she had good moments, not so good moments ( mostly due to bad reactions to the pain meds) but the pain and suffering was always there, either lingering or loud and in your face. Even until the very moment before the procedure is done the doctor is required by law to ask if you still are sure you want to proceed with the procedure and my grandmother was confident with her decision right till the end. She had lived this beautiful life that she lived her way,and wanted to end it the same, not overpowered by the evils of cancer but with the grace of science to help end her and her families suffering.

The actual hours leading up to the procedure were the most emotional but beautiful moments I’ve ever experienced with my family. We played my grandmothers favourite songs and we all sang and cried together. We laughed at her witty humour and we were able to express all of our gratitude for what our grandmother gave to us all throughout her life.

As I said when you experience something like this you start thinking about life and the end of life and my grandmother passed away in the most beautiful way honouring the beautiful life that she lived, surrounded by her loved ones, and painless in her sleep. What more can you hope and wish for someone you love or for yourself.

In those last moments of my grandmothers life she brought all of her family together in one room supporting each other like we never knew we could before. My cousin and I cried and we breathed together and held each other tight knowing that our grandmother would soon be at peace. Those moments are hard to explain because they are mostly felt. I can still feel the emotion of the doctor, nurses, of my family in that room. I can hear in my head when its silent the song that was playing on shuffle at the time of her passing, “Please Release Me” by Engelbert Humperdnick.

And then you find peace at different moments through your grief.

My grandmother bravely passed away Jan 3, 2019 at 3:50pm at the Queensway Carleton Hospital and when my mother spoke those words I realized that this was the first sign that she would be with me always.

I gave birth directly underneath her room where she passed at the same hospital August 7, 2018 at exactly 3:50am and my original due date was August the 3rd.

I know that for the rest of our lives Silvana will be looking after us and helping lead us in the direction of happiness just as she lived her life.

I am forever grateful for my grandmother gifting me with a life full of the most wonderful family and the wonderful memories we have shared throughout my life.

Thank you to the wonderful Nurses and Doctors who cared for my grandmother with so much care and compassion during the last few weeks of her life, we are forever grateful for you.



2019 – The year mamas need to make time for selfcare


I have always chosen to live my life pretty openly to those who have wanted to listen, and one of the major subjects that I feel is not only important to me to be open and honest about but I think is important for helping to slowly eliminate stigmas against is mental health.

I have a long list, a resume if you will, of mental health diseases that I suffer from. Clinical Depression, An Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Postpartum Depression. My brain (like many others) is chemically wired in a way that has been a beautiful home for these diseases to flourish and grow.

I have spent the better part of my life coming to terms with my mental health as well as combating it. When you give yourself the proper tools (whatever those may be) to work with, instead of against your mental health disorders, you become this crazy empathetic badass. There have been a couple key moments and thoughts that have helped me in those, why me moments. First, I’ve always believed that everything does happen for a reason, it could be to teach you a lesson, bring you joy and laughter, make you stronger, smarter and wiser, every experience that we face will eventually have an outcome that will add value to your future life. Second, when you have experience with the struggles of mental health you view other individuals with a lens of empathy, and this is a huge part of who I am, I care a lot about other people and their happiness because I know how it feels to feel the opposite and how painful it can be.

Since the birth of my son I have struggled many a times with the feeling of loss of self. It’s a truly horrible feeling to one day truly not recognize any part of you. I would stare into the mirror and see greasy hair, dark circles, dry skin, no bra and saggy boobs, all that comes with new motherhood and then I would try to look deeper and all I would see was a shell of a person caring for a little human. My whole prior existence and 27 years of life felt like it disappeared and shifted into this reality that was so simple and at the same time ever consuming, that completely revolved around my son. There seemed to be no more room or time for me, a person I’ve spent a lot of time, hard work and money (in therapy) to get to know and love.

That’s when it happened, it came in a beautifully wrapped present on my front door step. Post Partum Depression. My husband was just finishing his concrete season, his hours were long and crazy, everything was falling on me, then a family member fell ill and passed suddenly at the same time another diagnosed with terminal cancer. With all of this going on and me very much struggling and holding on by a string, inside that box of PPD was a side gift called Compassion Fatigue.

Caring too much can hurt. When caregivers focus on others without practicing self-care, destructive behaviors can surface. Apathy, isolation, bottled up emotions and substance abuse head a long list of symptoms associated with the secondary traumatic stress disorder now labeled: Compassion Fatigue*

The only thing that can help reverse compassion fatigue is to start taking care of yourself. I need to block out time in my days that are solely focused on me as an individual. What brings me peace, joy and happiness. Working on getting myself back into a more balanced and happy life is important for not only me but my family and those in my life. Eventually if you give too much of yourself you do end up with nothing left, and its scary.

I’ve begun to realize through therapy and some amazingly inspiring super moms that I need work on getting rid of this mom guilt and be able to take time for myself.

This year I am starting it off with a daily drawing challenge. I’m creative and being on maternity leave that has really been lacking in my everyday. Being able to express myself creatively is therapeutic. Follow my Instagram account and join in on this January Drawing challenge to help hold you accountable and take time for yourself everyday or evening if that too brings you joy.

Mama’s lets work on taking care of ourselves first, making time for ourselves as individuals so we can be the best moms, wife’s, girlfriends, friends, and versions that we can be.

* site passage from

Amadeo’s Baptism

Amadeo’s Baptism


Photos by the amazing Sarah Rowland from Creations Behind the Lens Photography

There are two reasons that I wanted to post and share with you pictures of my sons Baptism, first is that I love any and all moments that Sarah captures for my family, they are beautiful and stunning and her work must be shared, and second because I wanted to talk about parental choices.

I’m a classic overthinker, I always have been, and the moment that I found out that I was pregnant this overthinker in me somehow doubled in size, and once I gave birth to my son its grew times a million.

I find myself in any and all moments that I have to myself overthinking EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. From the mundane to the really important things, it really doesn’t matter, I’m defiantly dedicating a lot of extra brain power, that I don’t have at the moment ( thanks mommy brain ) to thinking about or researching about any and all things. The decision to Baptize our son was no different.

If you are VERY religious and don’t enjoy reading other peoples views on religion that may not 100% match your views I suggest you bow out on reading this post or just skip ahead and look at the beautiful pictures of my son getting Baptized.

I was Baptized, had my first Holy Communion, and my Reconciliation,so has my husband. We are Catholic but in no way are we practicing Catholics. We go to church to see people get married, unfortunately to give our condolences at funerals and some years go to Christmas Eve midnight mass. I would not describe my husband as a man of “faith” but he goes through the motions and is 100% a man of tradition. In our culture these religious rights of passage are tradition.

I describe myself as a Catholic Atheist, because I am Catholic, I have received all the sacraments, however until the Catholic Church changes a lot of their views and opinions pertaining to pro choice, LGBTQ rights, medicating for mental illness, and the list goes on, I really have no desire to take any part in practicing this religion.

So here’s my personal parenting dilemma and my over thinking starts. On one hand I have very strong views on the Catholic Church and their teachings and I don’t want my child exposed to any sort of hatred towards anyone. Before you say theirs no hatred well in the last two years I’ve had two priests and deacons tell me to stop taking anti depressants that its not right and I should just pray, not to take birth control for my endometriosis pain, hey men how about you stfu about women’s reproductive organs if you don’t have them you have no business giving us your opinion on them, and I’ve had to listen to huge rants about abortion. But I’m not parenting my child on my own, my husband does count and he wants our son to be baptized for tradition.

I know how I want to raise my son, I want him to be a kind human being, to actually live life like the golden rule and most of the ten commandments but I want it to be applied to all people. I want him to be open minded and know that everyone deserves kindness, respect and love.

When we were doing our interview so to speak with the priest that would be baptizing my son he asked us why we were choosing to baptize him and what I said to him is in the end the true reason why we chose to baptize Amadeo. I want to give my child every opportunity available to him in this world. I don’t want to close doors for him because of my beliefs, he may grow up wanting to find solitude and comfort in this religion. I know that I will be doing my idea of parental due diligence of exposing my son to all different cultures and religions in this world but I had to take a step back and just know that this wont hurt or damage him.

My son is at his purest time in his life, without any sin or wrong doing to anyone in this world, to me that is something that I can get behind celebrating with family and loved ones and I know that as a women it will be my responsibility as his mother to help guide him through his life to be the best human he can be moving forward.

Why I’m writing this, is because I always believe in being transparent and honest in my life and I promised myself to carry that into my blogging world for you all to read. This is the truth, that in life and our parenting life there will be choices that we make for our children before they start making their own and as a team with their other parent you have to way the pros and cons. I weighed my pros and cons about getting my son baptized and in the end it wasn’t a pros and cons decision, it was the fact that I truly felt like it wasn’t something I needed to really fight for. I will be saving that for future, for things that I feel very passionate about or that I feel like would hinder my son in different ways, this isn’t one of them.

So on that note, I’m truly sorry if I offended anyone, but its just me being me and me being honest my intent isn’t to hurt anyone.

I feel like I share this at any opportunity and I cant even help it but if you want all of your families moments beautifully captured by a wonderful, warm hearted, talented mama photographer, Sarah Rowland is your gal! Thanks for the beautiful Memories!

In our tradition its customary for the God Parents to come and dress the God Child in their Baptismal gown. Thomas and I chose his sister and brother in law to be Amadeo’s God parents, because they are two people who we know will always be there for him and love no matter what, he is so lucky to have them both in his life. We were so thankful that Sarah came to our home to capture these moments and the love that our son has for his Zia and Uncle Kevin.


Amadeo was Baptized in my husbands gown that his God Mother gave to him. She told us that she added all of the blue bows so everyone would know he was a boy.


Thomas and I are both  truly blessed with a wonderful boy that has completed our family. To watch him grow before our eyes has been our greatest adventure yet.

God Parents, Zia Anna and Uncle Kevin, Bella and Cameron Amadeo’s cousins and of course his furry brother Luca got in on some family pictures.


The takeaway that I have from the ceremony was Amadeo did amazing considering he was starving and it was in the middle of nap time. The Mass was short and sweet, had some confusing but comical moments I guess, but its done and over with and was pretty painless so win, win.

This is the part that I can get behind. We went to have a reception with our family at Sala San Marco, the banquet hall that we were married at, for a sit down meal ( Italian style ) and yummy desserts by the talented Daina Dunker of Daina’s Bake Shop. Beautiful Desserts that taste even better then they look!


Thank you to all of our family that came to share this day with us and for your generous gifts for Amadeo, we are so lucky!



5 Ways to trick your toddler/preschooler out of a tantrum

5 Ways to trick your toddler/preschooler out of a tantrum


Hey there mama, I see you, struggling to try to keep your head above water because it feels like the tiny human that you’ve created is literally trying to drown you for the better part of each day. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting a toddler/preschooler!

I want to give some advice from the knowledge that I’ve accumulated during studying Early Childhood Education, as well as working with and witnessing toddlers and preschoolers in the “wild” at daycare over the past 10 years, that can help you overcome or even start preventing these moments from happening on the daily!

The Toddler/Preschool age is between 1-4 years old. These ages are some of my favourite to work with because honestly once you gain more knowledge and experience on how to deal with this age, their actually super easy to trick and miniplate, that sounds kind of bad but obviously for the greater good of a peaceful, fun, and happier life for the whole family or in my case daycare environment.

In previous blog posts I refer to my unborn child and now infant as a “baby body terrorist” or a “baby terrorist” but the 1-4-year old’s I find myself describing them more as adorable little dictators. Literally their sole job and existence is to execute their days exactly how they like, which most of the time wont exactly a line with how you would like your day to run. The sad truth of the matter is that this is a really normal apart of this new developmental stage they are going through, they are starting to try and figure out the world around them, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what makes them scared, nervous, excited, shy, bashful, surprised, disgusted, confident, interested, satisfied, loved, the list goes on and on and really, we as adults are continuously trying to figure out these things in life as well. But it takes a lot out of them to start doing this, its physically and mentally taxing and how we have our lives set up is usually not the most ideal or supportive environments for them to be able to push the limits, learn explore and figure these things for themselves.

Mix that in with the fact that they LITERALLY are unable to experience empathy on their own, so they truly do not give a fuck about what you’d like them to do or how their actions may be affecting others around them. Empathy is a concept that has to be taught to children, its not something that is learnt behaviour for the most part.

(don’t worry mama’s I’ll get to a blog post of simple ways to teach your children empathy, I gotchyouuuu)

That all being said when a parent comes to me for advice about their toddler/preschoolers challenging behaviours and how to deal or cope with them, I do always start with re assuring them that this is normal, and is a normal stage of development for their child.

(even though it is totally tiring, exhausting and you probably want to just put your kids up for adoption at different points of your day kind of stage, it’s okay mamas you will prevail!)

But I’m here to help you take back a little bit of control. I need to break something to you that I think you need to hear now and remind yourself during a full-blown melt down or tantrum.


I know it must not feel that way when you are in the thick of a tantrum that is like world war three but you are. The advantage that these little (adorable) shits have on you is that they can use allllllll of their time and energy to breaking you down. They don’t have bills to pay, they don’t need to be keeping any other humans alive, or even themselves alive for that matter, they don’t need to worry about ANYTHING. If you’ve read this blog post up to here and can relate to what I’ve written, they have already figured this out, they have seen what the limit is to break you and the next time they will push you further and further to get what they want, or what they think they want in these moments. This is exactly how they get you, or win so to speak, because you do have limits to your patience, you are tired and warn down, from being a parent and having so many fucking responsibilities. So, knowing this new information about how you do actually have the upper hand on them because you are on a Sheldon from the big bang theory level smart and they are basically cave men, here’s a couple tricks so you can change the course and tune of the situation BEFORE they even start to try and ware you down.

1. Give them the power and control of the situation.

Obviously, I’m not suggesting actually giving them complete power and control of dangerous situations or un healthy situations but I want you to start re-evaluating why you want them to do certain things. All toddlers/preschoolers want is to be able to do what they want right, but the thing is most of the time when they’ve made up their mind on something, they don’t actually know why they’ve chosen to do so, the most common denominator would be to go against what you want them to do.

Here’s an example of something that is 99.9% of the time a HUGE BATTLE between parent and child happens, and I want to try and give you a new perspective on the situation and how giving them the power and control to do what they want will actually, eventually get them to do EXACTLY what you want them to do in the first place.

Example scenario:

Mom “Anna we are going to the grocery store, lets get dressed and put your winter clothes on now.”


Fight breaks out with mother and child and child is screaming on the floor.

This scenario is SO popular even Robert Munsch wrote a book about it.

In these types of situations, I want you to stop and ask yourself if you choose to not fight your child on this and them do what they want, what will actually happen, and go to your worst-case scenario. For me it would be that probably twenty old ladies will be judging me that I’m a horrible parent and my child is going to get sick. But lets all collectively take a step back and take another look at this, the child will be in the cold for not that long for any permanent damage to be done to them, you know that your child won’t be getting sick from the temperature but instead from germs so that’s covered, and as for people judging you, fuck em.

I suggest handling the situation like this:

Mom “Anna we are going to the grocery store, lets get dressed and put your winter clothes on now.”


Mom “It is winter and cold outside, are you sure you don’t want to put on something to keep you warm when we go out?”

(This is a loaded question from mom, you are explaining the season, weather, temperature, and giving them an opportunity to have control and answer yes or no to being warmer as well as you are ever so sneakily just reinforcing that the trip to the grocery store is happening no matter what they chose to wear and you’re okay with that, it doesn’t bother you at allllll.)

Anna “I’m sure I don’t want to put my winter clothes on.” Or it will prob be a simple “yes”

Mom “okay no problem, I’ll put them in the trunk just in case you do get cold when we are out, just let me know and I can help you get dressed if you need it”

Whenever there is a conflict just taking that extra time to get down to their level, giving them a sense of power and control, letting them know you hear their needs and wants, and that you are there to help them if needed, will eventually if not instantly change the course of future getting dressed moments. Your kids don’t actually want to be cold but they can’t grasp the idea of that happening to them in the future because they only truly can live in the now.

2. Be as CONSITANT as humanely possible

Children THRIVE on consistency and predictability. They may not like that every single time that they ask you for a cupcake before dinner is a no but eventually, they will not fight that or completely stop asking because they can already predict the outcome.

The thing is this is where I mentioned they kind of have us in the achilles heal, our parent kryptonite if you will, if they break you or your partners consistency and expectation from them, your up shits creek and to get back on track is realllllllly hard. If you’ve said no to a cupcake before dinner ten times but on the eleventh time you find yourself to tired to fight them and give in …. The twelfth time they are going to make it their mission to do whatever it takes to get that god damn cupcake before dinner.

Figure out with your partner things that you would like to never make exceptions for and stick to them. These may change throughout them growing up and at different stages but just know that if you want your child to get with the program you need to write that program and stick to it.

In the end this is one of the hardest things to actually do, especially if its important for you that your kids like you a lot of the time, but I can say even from a developmental stand point if you set up this foundation up for your children they will in turn feel like you are a safe place, that they know what to expect from you and they can feel 100% confident in you, and that’s really important for them and their overall happiness.

3. Don’t give them punishments but instead logical consequences

Most children even in their older years are truly indifferent to punishments because one of two things will happen. They either are going to put their energy into making your life a living hell and breaking you down so the punishment either doesn’t happen at all, or doesn’t happen the way you originally say it will. Or your child actually wont care at all about doing his or her “time for the crime” and then literally you’ve just wasted your time and efforts because they wont care to challenge you again.

Instead let the logical consequences flow, and when you explain these outcomes to your children don’t do it in a stern voice do it super calm with a smile on your face and happy tune in your voice, it will Jedi mind trick them into having this consequence just being a matter of fact information that you are giving them instead of a punishment that they are going to get defensive about and try to fight you on.
Going back to that original example about the winter clothes. The logical consequence that you will explain to your toddler/preschooler is that they might be cold because its cold outside. So, they now know because you’ve given them that information that when they go outside in -30 weather and they think, oh yea I feel cold my mom said this might happen, and that if I want to feel warm, I can do that by putting my clothes on, my mom brought them in the trunk. The connections will start to happen in their brains on their own. Its really neat to see, like watching your baby discover their hands for the first-time kind of thing. You’ve eliminated a fight and they will be able to “come to that conclusion on their own”. See that, we’re giving them all that power and stuff, cool eh.

4. Learn your child’s basic need cues
This will sound kind of funny because I feel like I’m reinforcing how to take care of a pet animal, but for your child to grow up big, strong, healthy and happy they need:

• Food
• Water
• Air
• Sunlight (vitamin D)
• Exercise
• Sleep

A lot of the time your child I changeling you because they are overwhelmed about something. A lack of any of these basic needs will throw off your child in a different way and most of the time is a HUGE factor in children’s behaviours. When we learn in Early Childhood Education on how to make a successful daily routine in daycare, we need to factor in all of these basic needs as well as the timing in which we give them to the children. Stop the next time you are about to get a dose of crazy from your toddler/preschooler and think about if all of these basic needs have been met properly to set them up for success. Even though they are older and more independent then infants most of the behaviours are still outcomes of these needs not being met at proper times or in proper ways just like an infant would not be able to manage.

5. Make sure you are having fun with your kids

This ones for you, with all the crazy melt downs and tantrums that you will be experiencing the frustration and hatred can be REAL towards your kids. (also, normal and okay you’re not a horrible mom for feeling that way!) maybe start a journal or have a reflection period at night to practice letting go of all the (at times literal) SHIT that has happened that day and hold onto all the amazing moments. In everyday your toddler/preschooler will at least give you one. I think its like a survival instinct that they have built in that when they smell the murder on our breath, they turn to us with the most angelic smile and say how much they love us. Bring those moments into the next morning and the next morning and even though it may take some time eventually those amazing moments are the ones that during the day you start feeling the most! Your child will be experiencing a happier more patient version of yourself and if you start implementing tricks 1-4 eventually (it may take a long time but I promise you sooooo worth it so stick with it and be CONSISTANT MOMS AND DADS) your child will become better behaved and better at responding to you and your requests. Its all in the delivery mama, you can set the tone for illusion against your child, you got this, I just know it.

If you want a giggle or two when it comes to toddler tantrums Erica from @mom.break has created a movement to normalize the tantrum and the videos of her kids and other parent submissions are just pure gold! Go check her out on Instagram as well as her blog

Sleep Training with Support


Mama’s please don’t hate me but I had a very easy newborn when it came to sleep, well easy in my mind. The picture looked a lot like me being glued to my couch because he would nap in my arms and I would have to hold in my pee for hours. But honestly I loved most of all of those moments with my little one. We got to snuggle, it helped a lot with my stress and anxiety and also made me just rest and relax instead of constantly trying to get something done. He also only had one wake up per night to feed. So if I were to go back a couple months the truth is I wouldn’t change a thing.

Then our son grew, like really big and long, overnight. He no longer fit in his bassinet and we were starting to wrap our heads around the fact that we would very soon need to transition him into his crib. My husband and I were trying to plan on making this transition when he was finished his construction season and we were both at home to be able to support each other.

THEN.LIFE.HAPPENS. I say it like this because I’ve been slowly figuring out that you cant meticulously plan much in motherhood. We had three nights in a row of our son waking up every hour on the hour and it would take us FOREVER to settle him. Gone was the one night wake up ( again sorry moms) since three weeks old, our soon to be four month old who started teething, decided he was going to change his sleep schedule on us before daddy was done work.

After posting about these nights on my Instagram stories I had like ALOT of moms message me saying they still wake up at least three times a night and their kids were 1-3 years old. UMMMMM NOPE. That can’t be my life, for my mental health I NEED to be able to sleep more then that, I cant have this be my new reality for the next three plus years or I will end up in a really dark place. Soooo that being said my husband and I better figure something the fuck out and FAST!

Back it up to when my son was 2 months old, I had originally gotten in contact with Antea through our social medias and then met in person at her organized mommy meet ups. I felt an instant connection and unconditional care and support from her. The advice and conversations we would be having at our mommy meet ups just showed me how much she cares for other women and mothers and truly her purpose in life is to help support us through this beautiful journey, and being a mother of two beautiful boys and a registered nurse her advice was always from a place of love and expertise.

Now fast forward to a couple weeks ago when these three sleepless nights happened, I immediately contacted Antea to talk about sleep training and if she could help.

One of the ways that I’ve enjoyed parenting so far is to try to be as flexible as possible in my schedule and truly just do what I want when I want to. I need groceries and want to go to the mall for a couple of hours, no problem, my husband and I are invited to a party and it might go until 1 am, well we might be a bit tired or hung over but our sons got this,and now I’m realizing that with a newborn its actually much easier to be that way. When your baby starts to get older and is learning new skills that take ALOT of energy, they are going to start sleeping less and be awake for longer periods, and in the beginning its really hard on them. Their little bodies and minds are moving a million miles a minute and without us properly supporting that growth with proper sleep habits and a schedule, we basically unintentionally make a non sleep monster.

If this sounds like your life or if you just have a child that WILL NOT SLEEP WELL , my god you NEED to do research on sleep training.

At first the idea was really hard for me to grasp because I knew that it would take away from my “flexibility” but Antea reassured me that yes, we would need to be CONSISTENT for a while and it would be hard work but with team work being on the same page and completely following her customized sleep plan, eventually when our child had those sleep skills down pact we could live a more flexible life again and do things here and there when we wanted because the next day he could bounce back faster with his skills in tow.

The MAIN reason on why I want to share all this personal mumbo jumbo about my experience with Antea is, yes because I have received a lot of questions so it will be a great place for you to hear about my experience, but I wanted to share what I think is special about working with her in particular and why I believe we were so successful so quickly in sleep training our 4 month old.

I’m an early childhood educator and I truly believe like my profession has taught me  that every child is unique and so is every family situation. Our son has had four months of us uniquely teaching him different bad sleep habits then you and your child, And to be very honest the hardest part about sleep trainer is trying to break all of our (the parents) bad sleep habits because some of them you will want to keep. For example in my perfect mom universe I would have my son sleep alllllll night in this crib till 7 am then I bring him into bed with me and we can cuddle and sleep for a couple more hours till 9. Then we can sometimes sleep some naps in the crib when its coinvent for me and I need to get stuff done and want my arms, but sometimes in my arms for a cuddle or sometimes in his stroller for a shopping outing, but here’s the thing, every action has a reaction with children and I know this. Maybe because I work in childcare I can very clearly understand this, but I know my perfect sleep schedule isn’t at ALL realistic for this age or really any age past the new born stage. Babies and Children thrive in an environment with consistency because it makes them feel safe and secure.

Once I had a really good cry about giving up my bed and couch nap and morning snuggles I was all in baby.

Antea sent us his ideal sleep schedule with times that she knew he would eventually hit and with a schedule of a night time sleep that looks like 7pm-7am and naps to fit his age.

This is what I can only try to convey to you guys properly, but when you start sleep training, timing changes, naps are weird, you will have a cranky child that is learning some hard shit, but the tweaking and constant comfort and reassurance that Antea gave us, truly gave us the confidence to completely stick with it and keep going , teach our son these sleep skills and give him the grace and patience he needed to do so and by the end of the first week he completely matched 7pm-7am and was hitting his nap and awake time targets.

I know every child is different but honestly Antea is my SLEEP ANGEL sent from the SLEEP HEAVENS to save us and teach my son what I am not trained to teach him or to fully understand.

I HGHLY recommend if the sleep is an issue in your home to contact her and just see what can be done, because with some hard work, dedication and consistency you will see how amazing your child truly is.

I’m now able to put my son in his crib awake every single time and he self soothes and is asleep on average within minutes. If he does ever wake up he usually self soothes and again falls back to sleep within minutes as well. He takes proper naps and is in the BEST mood ever when awake. He is truly thriving and I’m incredibly proud of him and us as parents because we were able to, with Antea’s help, give that all to him.

Parenting is HARD.AS.FUCK. and its ten million times harder with parents and a child/children who aren’t  getting the proper sleep needed each day.

Check out Antea’s Mama Coach website on all the details about sleep training as well as give re blog posts a read.

This is some information about sleep services on the Mama Coach website…..

More than Sleep
It is never as simple as “do this and they’ll sleep”.
There are so many factors that need to be accounted for, which is why as Registered Nurses we do a full assessment on your child included in each sleep package.
We look extensively at feeding, development, weight gain, and your child’s circadian rhythm to determine the best way to find sleep.
If there is an underlying feeding issue, finding sleep will be a challenge. Lots of tears and feeding may be compromised. We look at the entire picture and if there is something that needs to be addressed prior to working on sleep, we will help you or find you the health professional to address it, then work on sleep together.
This is a vital step for all families looking for sleep because sleep comes easily when we ensure your child is ready for it.
We understand there are a lot of choices out there for finding sleep for your little one, but we promise we bring so much more than sleep. We bring quality care and support from a Registered Nurse that will help you meet your goals.

In-Home Sleep Services

Newborn Package
Birth to 3 Months
You’re looking for answers on why she is so gassy, why she is spitting up or why each feed is taking over an hour? You put her down and she only sleeps twenty minutes, then you start all over again?

More than Sleep
3 Months to 18 Months
You tell us your expectations, and we will use our extensive knowledge on sleep science, feeding expertise, and Registered Nurse assessment skills to ensure you meet your goals. We make sure your child is ready for sleep prior to starting which is key- any underlying feeding or medical concerns will be addressed first to help make finding sleep so much easier.

More than Sleep
18 Months to 3 years
We are all mamas, and we get it. As Registered Nurses we understand the cognitive and physical development of a toddler and how that impacts sleep. Maybe sleep was going well and now it isn’t or maybe it never has. We can help. We use the science of sleep and the deep understanding on the development of toddlers to help you find sleep for your little one.

More than Sleep
4 Years and Older
If you are struggling with your older child, we understand. Our philosophy on sleep for older children, is that we need to work with them, not on them. They have a voice and deserve to be included. We will empower them to start sleeping independently and develop a positive outlook on sleep.

Which Sleep Method do we Use?
This is a big question.
The answer is… we don’t have just one.
One particular method doesn’t work for all children.
We complete a nursing assessment on each child we work with, as well as a feeding assessment to ensure the least amount of stress for the entire family.
We don’t believe infants should be forced to sleep through the night. This causes too many tears for moms and babes!
Instead we do a feeding assessment on every child, and teaching around the timing and feeds themselves… and you will see amazing outcomes.
A baby that can fall asleep independently and will sleep long stretches, and through the night when they are ready, all while feeding on demand. Naps will fall into place and you will find yourself enjoying parenting.
We are using our years of training as Registered Nurses to bring so much more than sleep.

Ten questions to ask a potential provider

Ten questions to ask a potentional daycare provider picture

You’ve done the research of which type of childcare best suits your family, you’ve found a couple daycare contenders, now what?
I’ve seen and experienced first hand that usually this next step comes with a lot of anxiety for parents. I see that they are wanting to ask me important questions about my program and style of education, food, first aid, policies etc., but once they are in the space its almost like it all goes blank. When I’m giving a tour and summary of the programs we run at my location, I try to give as much information that we believe is important for a parent to make a confident decision to have their child in our program. Realistically its one of the biggest decisions a parent can make, your child will be spending the majority of their early years with these staff and children, you want them to know it will be a right fit for their families.
After you make those appointments to tour and get information of the different programs, make a list of questions you’d like answered and the information that’s important to you.
If you are choosing a licensed center usually information is as easy as looking on their websites and being able to download their policies and procedures. If you are going to visit unlicensed home daycares and are having a hard time getting a good picture of what your child’s day will look like if xyz happens before you meet with the provider, I recommend you go with these questions in tow to help alleviate the stress and anxieties that come with making this decision.
Ten of the most important questions to ask your future child care providers.
1. What type of licensing or accreditation does your center/daycare go through and how often?

Like I mentioned in the last blog, understanding what to look for in a Daycare, if the daycare is licensed it is mandatory that you have access to seeing their up to date licensing inspection reports. If your looking into a homecare provider that isn’t licensed, you will need to ask those questions yourself and trust that the answers given are true. (I would say always trust your gut, mama you will have some sort of a sense after asking some tough questions)

Some questions you should ask a none licensed home daycare:

• What are your daycares policies and procedures?
• What are your group sizes and day to day supervision look like?
• Is everyone that will be in contact with my child, as well as reside in the home, have a criminal background check, if so can I see a copy?
• Do you have an up to date first aid training certificate as well as anyone else who will be caring for my child?
• If my child gets injured what are your practices and procedures on notifying a guardian?
• What are your policies on having children immunized in your care?
• What are the action plans put into place in case of emergency, for inside your home or on an outing? (if your child is anaphylactic you need to ask how that would be handled as well in and outside the home.)
• What is your food prep and storage practices? What do your weekly menus look like? What is your special dietary and allergy arrangements and practices.?
• How are hazardous materials stored in your home and how do you keep them safely away from the children?
• What are your qualifications and education behind working with children?
• What do your daily programming plans look like?
• How do you deal with disciplining children in your care?
• What does nap time look like in your care? What if my child stops napping/ or doesn’t nap?
These are some of the main questions I would recommend asking and having the answers either in paper form or at least verbal. When your looking into a licensed center all of this information again is very easily accessible or is visible within the center or online for you to have, but the ministry of education is making sure this is all being done properly to their standards of the law or the center wouldn’t no longer be open and operating.

2. What is required for the educator’s background checks, and who needs to have them?

Its hard as a parent to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s before you enrol your child in a daycare. One thing you’d want to make sure of is that everyone that will be in daily or even occasional contact with your child has no criminal background especially working with the vulnerable sector. At our center we require all staff as well as students and volunteers to provide an up to date criminal reference check that we keep on file.

3. Are the educator’s CPR/ first aid certified and how often does this need to be updated?

As peace of mind its good to know as a parent that your child is left in the care of someone who will know what to do in case of an emergency. Its one thing to take a first aid and CPR course ten years ago and needing to update your knowledge and stay fresh every two years. CPR and First Aid id hope isn’t being practiced every single day in your center (other then little band aids or a child being sick) so its important to always be up to date and practice what needs to be done to save a child’s life in case of emergency.

4. What is an average educator turnover rate look like at your center?

This question is usually never asked and in my opinion as an educator at a daycare center one of the first questions I would ask. A month down the road if you and your child aren’t going to recognize the staff and have to constantly get used to new people there’s going to be a problem. You won’t feel as secure and at peace with leaving your child constantly with new people as well as your child’s behaviour will most likely be affected from having to get used to and get comfortable with new staff. At my center we are just starting to see more turn over because staff that have worked there over thirty years are now retiring but we have a very low turn over rate in most of our programs. I myself have been there right out of high school!

5. What are the staff to child ratios in the program?

In a licensed center this should be posted and visible for parents to see, however it is good to have the knowledge and be aware. Now with the new ratio laws, ratios actually are different depending on time of day as well, so its always good to know if your dropping your child off at a certain time and its so busy and ratios are not being met, that you need to bring it up to the staff, board, and maybe the ministry of education and a resolution will need to be made.

6. What is the information needed about my child as well as how is it stored and filed?

This can look different at every center. We have enrolment packages we give to parents filled with information as well as a registration form of information that is needed for our license to be in good standing. Things like emergency contact information, their allergies or medication plans, depending on the age of the group a photocopy of the child’s vaccines. This information should also be stored in a locked cupboard that only staff should have access too.

7. What is the cleaning and sanitizing practices, how often are carpets and surface areas cleaned?

Again, this will kind of align with your gut feeling as well as hearing or reading their practices. You can visually see how an area where kids learn is kept. If things are tidy and in place, the children are taught to respect the toys and have responsibilities to tidy their own areas, if you go in and it visually looks clean with no dust, the staff is constantly cleaning and sanitizing.
At my program we have cleaning schedules posted but you can visit almost any time of day and any point and our daycare is clean and sanitary. Its important for learning and helps keeps germs at bay.
8. What are the safety and security policies and procedures?

In a licensed center there should be these policies and procedures easily accessible for you to have but to actually have a conversation about it will make you feel more secure. It’s a crazy world we live in today, just a little over a month ago it was suspected that there was a protentional child obduction attempt in our city and because of the safety practices of the center the child was not released and was safe from harm.

9. What are your disciplinary policies as well as everyday practices?

Depending on your beliefs is how you will feel about the response, but to be honest if you ask this question and the provider answers with “time outs” you may want to reconsider. You should hear words like redirection, we try to not give attention to the behaviours we don’t want them doing, we give praise to the children who are doing what they should, we will give praise to your child as soon as and whenever we see them listening to offer them positive reinforcement and attention… these are better strategies for teaching and working with a child with behaviours.

10. What is your centers philosophy on learning?

For most early learning centers, we are educated backed by science, experiments and years of implementation that children learn through play. There are many different styles so before you pick which centers, you’d like to go visit and potentially enroll your child in, figure out which style matches your family’s belief’s best. Some are very similar but some do focus a lot more on structured education even in the younger years.
Finding a childcare center or home daycare can be stressful just for fact that you will no longer be with your child and are now trusting someone else to add value, love, support, teach them, care for them etc. to your child’s everyday. I know for me whenever I’m anxious about something new research, attaining knowledge and speaking with professionals in that field will always make me feel more at ease. I hope these two blogs will help give you the tools to do your own research and give you the questions to confidently pick the right care for your little ones when you go back to work!

Understanding what to look for in a Daycare

Understanding what to look for in a Daycare:

Non-profit & Profit Centres

Licensed & Non-Licensed providers


Since launching My Little Lamb, the number one question that I have received from mothers in my private messages are usually daycare related and where they should send their children for care when they go back to work. I’m always more then happy to have separate conversations about pretty much anything at all times, including giving any advice or knowledge that I can, being a daycare educator, but I was realizing that it would be beneficial to have a post and compiling what I think are the most important things to think about when choosing the right fit childcare for your family as well as what information you should have before making that important decision.

If you’ve read my About Me post you know that I have worked as a nanny, aupair, and over the last 10 years as an educator at the Glebe Parents Daycare. Glebe Parents Daycare is a licensed non-profit center in the Ottawa downtown area.

So, here’s the thing, I never really knew until being asked these questions from parents about where I would recommend their child go to daycare, that most of the parents had no idea what the differences between a non-profit and profit childcare centers or licensed and non-licensed center where.
I think this is probably in my opinion the best place to start. 

A Non-profit center:
Non-profit centers, in provinces and territories in Canada, are eligible for a majority of the funding from the government to be allocated to child care services within their center. This funding might include, capital funding, start-up funding, a per child fee grant, staff salary grants and parent subsidies. In order to receive this funding from the government a center must be run by a board of directors, composed of parents, community members as well as staff. This means that all decisions that are made about where the funding is allocated, the policies and procedures of the daycare and many other decisions are made from different perspectives encompassing the one goal, to offer quality childcare for the children attending. Non-profit centers for the most part also pay their staff a higher livable wage, make sure they have proper benefit packages and a lot of the centers are unionized. For me as a staff its super important because the level of quality care that is provided in an environment that’s paying more then minimum wage and has better benefits you will see as a parent, a lower turn over of staffing. I can say that I’ve been at my center for ten years, and plan on retiring there, as well as most of the senior staff have been working at our center more then 30 years. 

For profit center: 
Private, or profit centers, on the other hand, rely on parent fees to operate. While this in no way determines the care the private operator provides, it does severely limit the program in that in order to remain competitive it must rely on cost reducing measures to maintain even the basics like art supplies, learning materials, repair bills and staff salaries. Most profit centers the decisions are made by a sole owner or investors and in some cases the decisions made are not entirely to benefit the children in the programs but its to maintain the bottom line and remain out of the black. 

A Licensed Childcare center:
Explaining all that a childcare center must abide by as well meet the standards of the Ministry of Education is a lot of information! They are set rules and regulations that must be met at all times, in order for the center to maintain their license. 
I truly recommend to all parents trying to decide between a licensed and non-licensed center to read the checklist of standards that have to be met by a licensed center in Ontario. If you feel that these would be important for you as a parent to have the ministry of education making sure that at least once a year on a un scheduled visit that your child’s providers are meeting these standards then a licensed center or home daycare is the better option for you and your family. you scroll down you are able to click on the headings to see all of the standards that need to be met in a licensed center for those specific categories….. examples from the site look like this :

Ratios of Employees to Children and Group Size
7.Age categories
8.Ratios and maximum group sizes, child care centre
8.1Licensed family age groups
9.Home child care group sizes
10.Resource teacher
11.Supervision by adult at all times
11.1Supervision of volunteers and students
Building, Equipment and Playground — Child Care Centres
12.Child care centres in schools
13.Compliance with health and safety standards, Building Code, Fire Code, etc.
14.Approval by director of plans re child care centre
15.Designated spaces
16.Play activity space
17.Play activity rooms
18.Resource area
19.Play materials, equipment and furnishings
(these are just some of the examples from the governments website, again as a parent please do your homework and read up on what is required from licensed centers)
All of the information/scoring from these yearly licensed inspections as well as the license in itself, must be displayed in the center for the parents to see. 
Licensed home daycare centres follow the same regulations and best practices when it comes to safety. A home-based provider can operate as a licensed home daycare contracted by a home child care agency that is licensed by the Ministry. * These providers aren’t required to have the Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) designation, but they are required to have first aid certification and undergo a criminal record check. (CRC)

Un-licensed home daycare:
An unlicensed home daycare is not required to follow a program plan, a menu plan, nor are they required to post a fire escape plan or to fill out a daily safety log. However, this does not necessarily mean that the provider doesn’t voluntarily do these things. When considering an unlicensed home daycare, it falls to the parent(s) to inquire about the provider’s credentials, certifications and what standards the provider maintains as these things aren’t mandated. That said, many unlicensed home daycare centres provide a safe and nurturing environment for children, with many of the providers having young kids of their own. 
When considering home-based child care, it’s up to parents to do their due diligence, ask the right questions and check references.

For me as a staff at a licensed center I would recommend if you don’t go with a daycare center but a home provider instead because it’s a better fit for your family I would recommend choosing a licensed home daycare because I know how much time and effort goes into making sure that at all times a child’s safety and wellbeing is being met and standards of the ministry are ones that I believe should be met at all times when caring and educating children.

After you and partner way the pros and cons of all of these options and find out which centers look like the best fit I want to give you some questions that I feel as a parent you need to ask a coordinator on a tour of the daycare or a home care provider in an interview.

That blog will be next Monday November 26th,2018, stay tuned because I’ve just left you a lot to not only think about but a lot to research in our city! 
If you have any questions, concerns or even wanting to know my recommendations of some of the centers in the city let me know as well!

I’m thankful for my Social Media “Village”

A big portion of my “Village” is online

I need to start off this blog post giving thanks and credit to my “real life village”. The family and friends that are helping my husband and I raise Amadeo. I know there’s no way I would be managing as well as I am without their support! I have mentioned before and I will keep saying that you should always reach out to your loved ones and support systems and ask for help when you need it.

However, this post isn’t about my “real life village” its about the “village” of women and mothers that I’ve connected with through my socials and this blog.
Most of the time the daily snap shot of a mom on maternity leave or a stay at home mother is one filled with a lot of, to be put simply, loneliness. Monday-Friday most of your partners, Family and friends are at work for at least eight hours and during all of that time its you, your child or children, maybe some pets, and the four walls of your home.

For twenty-seven years I have been so many things that make me, Vanessa Ravalico. I’m a person who thrives on attention, connection and a back and forth with others. I’m creative and like to express my creativity through many different avenues, I’ve designed and sold jewelry, I’m able to be creative everyday in my childcare career, I enjoy renovating and decorating homes, and I love to diy just about anything for any reason. I enjoy being out and about in my free time and go shopping around the city. I absolutely love spending quality time with friends and family. I love going out to restaurants for dinner and attending parties. I love going to work everyday and teaching children and interacting with parents. The bottom line about me is, I’m an extremely social person and need human interaction for my mental health and happiness. You get the picture.

I’ve only been a “mother” for three months or 12 if you include pregnancy (but id like to forget most of mine) either way in the grand scheme of things I’ve only been a mother for like a minute. There are so many things that just come naturally to us or we have read and done research on, maybe even done a class or two, but id like to say it loud and proud here and now, my god its fuckin hard to feel like “JUST A MOM” when I’m so much more and have been sooooo much more most of my life. That need and desire to be me and have my own identify hasn’t just, poof disappeared because I’ve pushed a human out of my vagina. But the sad thing is that it gets push down like wayyyy down to the bottom of the barrel and you have this human that has made you a mother and literally takes over your life and in turn taking over most of who you are and what you do.
I’m not able to go to work everyday, and realistically even if I tired and made the effort to have human interactions in the real world everyday, fuck, I’m most of the time coming off a horrible night’s sleep and or I’m just exhausted from being a new mom. Going out and doing things is important and I do leave the house as much as possible, but its a lot of work going out with a new born and sometimes just the thought of it can be awful and tiring in its self.

My Little Lamb has been launched and live for a little over a month and I started my Instagram and Facebook page accounts at the end of July shortly before I gave birth. I never could have imagined that this amazingly supportive community of women and mothers on social media would be adding so much value, support and happiness to my life as a mother on maternity leave.

If you’ve read my “All About Me” post you already know that I was put on modified bed rest at around 24 weeks. At first the time relaxing, napping, swimming and watching Netflix all day was awesome, but after a couple weeks of that, I was going insane. I decided at the time to start writing about my pregnancy and about knowledge I have pertaining to children through school and my career in childcare, just to get some of my boredom out of me. I had thought that maybe I would publish my writings and start a blog but it was my closets family and friends that really pushed me to make this idea into a reality, saying that I’ve always been a breath of fresh air and I’d be interesting and entertaining to read.

I never have been in anyway a strong writer or particularly strong in the maths or sciences in my life, so to publish my ideas into writing and have people make judgements on that definitely made me nervous. Now after a month of having my posts out there, the feed back and comments I get are sooooo uplifting and positive.

I can’t even begin to express enough how amazing the online community of women and mothers are. There seems to be endless support, constant positivity and I’m connecting with people throughout my whole day. Also, a lot of my online relationships have turned into really amazing relationships in real life.
I have had and will continue to have my fair share of mom shaming, which I have to say has mostly been women or oddly enough men who are over the ages of 65 and I’m pretty sure that if I were to know the extent of their parenting styles back in the day I would be calling children’s aid on them. Literally in the same breath of someone mom shaming me and my parenting they turn around and say something like, “oh I just put my baby in a dresser drawer all day, they turned out fine.” “I drank and smoked throughout my whole pregnancy, they turned out fine.” “I started giving my baby food at 3 months, your child is going to be a picky eater.” Listen Brenda stop fuckin judging me after those comments, or hey why don’t you shut the fuck up Paul, you’ve never even changed a diaper or where in the room when your child was born, I think I’m doing just fine.

But from this online community I have yet to have any sort of negative feedback or mom shaming. (hey I wouldn’t care even if I did) This community has been giving advice when I’ve reached out and asked, and sent me so many messages that me talking about how I feel has helped them relate or seeing comments from women who are experiencing the same thing have had a positive impact on them. See this online adventure has been able to blend my past pre-mommy me into the women that I am now. I would now recommend and want to read a mom blog from every single woman out there, but if its more your thing to just read other moms posts or visit their socials, what I’d like to say to you then is keep reaching out. Keep having these connections and share your struggles, achievements, raw moments with other women throughout your loneliest times and let the responses uplift you and reassure you that your doing so great and you’re by no means alone in this CRAZY, lonely new chapter in your life.
Let’s continue to fill the loneliness with online connections from wonderful women out there in this cyber universe.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for being my online “Village”.
These are some AMAZING women and mamas that I follow on Instagram and love connecting with and I highly recommend checking them out! Each woman brings something beautiful and wonderful to the table and adds value to my new life of motherhood! Some have online blogs but some just have their Instagram blogs, I recommended checking both out!


Roxanne: @Pilgrims.retreat

Roxanne is my amazing MAMA! After my mom and dad got divorced my mom decided go to school and follow her passion for helping people through aesthetics. She has worked in different spas in the city as well was a part owner of her own spa for many years. My mom has been able to create her own perfect serenity in her home to service and take care of her clients well being. Follow her account and I HIGHLY recommend taking some time away from constantly giving yourself to others and let my mom take care of you and help you re-charge!

Ilona: @smythcasting

Ilona is one of my very best girlfriends out of high school was Ilona Smyth! She is the most powerful business women I’ve ever met, she has so much drive, hard work, and dedication behind her company and any project that she touches. She was one of the first mamas I knew and got to see and be apart of her raising the most AMAZING son and brightest boy I’ve ever met. I recommended following her to see and learn all the amazing things that go one in our city revolving movies and television, her exciting travels, and sneaking some peeks into the beautiful life she’s created for her son.

Erica: @ericafox

Erica is a gorgeous mama and friend of mine with an incredible eye for style and has so many amazing suggestions of where to experience fabulous family outings all around our beautiful city of Ottawa. I always love to see how and where she’s going to travel with her gorgeous fam jam, spoiler alert its ALWAYS fabulous!

Erica: @mom.break

Erica is a mama after my own heart. She has two beautiful children and puts her life out there for her followers to view, weather its pretty or not so pretty. She’s figured out that living and sharing her life honestly has brought her great experiences and connections as well. She’s hilarious and shares her struggles with mental health openly and in my opinion there’s no one more valuable then that in a world of pretty filters and staged shoots!

Natalie: @natspencer

Natalie is an Ottawa Photographer who I’ve been following on social media for almost 10 years! I love that Natalie is constantly growing and changing what she’s doing but its always the most beautiful creative content you’ve ever seen! She has a beautiful little family that she shares with the world and even though I’ve never met her in person I feel like I know her and we are friends, that’s how amazing she is on social media!

Mercedes: @thepartyparade

Mercedes and Natalie are sisters and a dynamic duo of all things that are beautiful in my eyes. Mercedes like her sister is mutli-talented and how I met her was on set while she was acting in a lifetime movie. One of my best friends is Ilona Smyth and I used to book back ground for her casting company, Smyth Casting. Not only will you see beautiful inspiring content from Mercedes instagram from her cooking, baking, crafting, paintings, and much more but she puts out the realness of motherhood as a new first-time mom to her beautiful daughter.

Sarah: @wedding_creationsbtl

Sarah is a wonderful women and mother that I’ve been able to work with and discover through starting my blog. She is my go-to girl to document my families most precious and beautiful moments as well as growth as a family. She’s had some natural disaster adversities right before giving birth to her daughter but her hard work and dedication to her art is opening so many doors for her as a creative. If you’d like to document your families with stunning professional affordable photography you need to book a session with her asap!

Rasha: @pearldecor

Rasha was our wedding decorator who transformed our day into the royal wedding of our dreams. Every step of the way this passionate entrepreneur mama bear made me feel like her most important bride. (brides trust me you will want to have someone that makes you feel this way!) We’ve used Rasha’s décor backdrops and décor pieces in our baby shower and hopefully future events as well! Follow her account for everything dreamy and beautiful!

I will Definitely be featuring and recommending more women and mothers who I get inspiration from on social media in the near future so stay tuned! I also often feature accounts that I love on my Instagram stories so check their as well!